Saturday, May 23, 2009

More odd than nice.

We've finally gotten Bella to start the night in her bed. The past few nights however we laid her down much too early to get to take advantage of that, she would be waking up ready to eat when we would be going to bed. Well, last night we didn't put her to bed in her bed until 9, and then an hour later we decided to lay down in our bed and watch a movie. I go through my bedtime routine thinking "This is going to be so nice! Laying in bed, not being uncomfy and pregnant, not having to worry about baby in bed..." It comes time for us both to lay down, and I get in bed first as John starts the movie, I'm trying out laying in different positions enjoying being able to lay in all these silly ones and my stomach, ways I haven't slept in bed in months and months. The movie's starting, John checks on Bella one more time (even though her bed is less than 2 feet from our's...), and then John gets in bed.
We're both laying there very stiff and awkwardly. Its kind of like we've forgotten how to just lay in bed together, alone. There's no big tummy between us, no baby sleeping or nursing between us, its just John and I. Its still too soon for us to be intimate, and even before I got pregnant with Bella its not like we often just laid in bed and watched movies. It was a whole new territory. Eventually John took the prerogative to make things normal, which is good since I was just laying there thinking "Okay this is so odd." After a while we both were able to relax and watch the movie, but I still can't get over how it was so odd at the beginning. I guess its because we never had this moment with the boys, they were both already out of my bed by the time we married and he moved in.

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