Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Blue vs. Brown"

I'm the odd person out on all sides of my family. All of my dad's family has brown eyes, My mom's parents have brown eyes, my mom, aunt, and all my siblings have green eyes. John has brown eyes, and the boys have brown eyes. (Though Zach's are the brown of my dad's not John's...) Me, I have blue eyes, and I'm feeling a little lonely.
I was so sure when Zach came out with a head full of red hair that he would have my blue eyes, but nope brown. Ryan's eyes stayed that newborn dark blue-ish gray for so long I thought they might at least stay that color, but nope, by 18 months they were brown.
Now, Bella's eyes are doing something neither of the boys' eyes did, they're getting lighter. I am crossing all my crossables that this means one of my children will finally get my blue eyes. But knowing my luck even if they don't turn brown, they'll probably end up green.

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