Thursday, May 28, 2009

UPDATE: Zach's Party

Honestly, there isn't much to update on Zach's party except that I'm getting really nervous now. I have not heard a word from any of the parents of Zach's school friends. Nothing. Its been a week. I know his party isn't until the 13th and we put that on the notes we sent them, but really that's only about two weeks away. I would not worry so much but Zach is really counting on his friends to be there. He knows I sent letters to the parents because I had to ask him who he wanted to invite. He's so excited to get to see his friends again since he's been out of school a week. I'll understand if they have other plans or even if they call and say "Heck no! My kid ain't coming to no party!" or whatever. But come on have the decency to at least CALL!

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