Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Snapshots (4/30)

A before and after addition!

I’m working on the decorations for Belly’s room. Not sure if I’ve ever shared pictures of her room, but it is bright bright crayon green and yellow. Nothing matches it. lol Well, Ryan’s Sesame Street bedding does, and, truth be told, the room was painted for him originally. This gives us the problem of the fact that no girl room stuff matches it, so for a lot of the decorations we plan to just repaint them white. For example, her big girl bed is a twin sized gorgeous antique white iron bed we’re getting from my mom, and we’re basing the rest of her decorations off of that. Our goal is girly-elegant. Not froufrou, but elegant, kinda Victorian. Oh… and pigs. lol My baby loves pigs, so my mother (who also loves pigs) gave us her calendar from last year to use in the decorating. It’s full of nothing but black and white pig photos. These are going to be a big chunk of the decorations. We plan to buy a ton of mismatched frames (preferably cheap and or ugly colored ones) then spray paint them white, then put a sparkly gloss top coat on them. That way even though they’ll be all different shapes and sizes, the color and sparkle is the same, and the theme of the pictures are the same. We also plan to get some wooden letters and decorate those the same, and we got her some hooks that I painted yesterday also. I started working on them yesterday, and I’m not too thrilled with the actual frames (I only had $20 and had to pick up the spray paints also so it didn’t leave me much for frames), but I do love the overall effect.

Now, finally the snapshots! (Before, after, and close up of one of the photos)

DSCN0245 copy
DSCN0246 copy
DSCN0249 copy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A week of Facebook

So usually when I don’t post a ton during the week I give you a long update going in epic details, but… I’ll be busy cleaning tomorrow (as I’ve been saying for the past two months BUT have to get done) because I have to get Belly’s room cleaned out and ready to move her new room stuff in. lol This be what I’ll do instead, I’ll sum my week up in Facebook updates.

  • so I'm watching Eclipse... and yeah, so far it's just as stupid as I remembered.
  • Know what sucks? When I go to lay half asleep Belly down for her nap and she starts crying in the most pitiful way saying "No night night. Daddy." over and over.
  • It's OK body; I completely and unequivocally hate you too.
  • Crap. I just realized not only did I not send Zach's spring break journal with him to school, we forgot to do the stupid thing.
  • I hope if I get hit by a tornado that my house lands on a witch. If it doesn't I will be epically disappointed.
  • Head... today I hate you.
  • Grabbing a quick lunch then heading to the grocery store. Apparently waiting for a break in the rain is pointless.
  • Stupid Spring Break journal. Stupid. I want to see his teacher turn in a journal about her spring break.
  • So after our shower Belly did a ton of pee in the toilet... then while helping her wipe... I accidentally dropped my glasses in the toilet.

For the record, the stupid Spring Break Journal did get done, and the glasses are now cleaned and sanitized.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate eggs and cuppycakes

Easter has come and gone. Thank goodness!


My life has been soooo hectic in preparing for Easter, and Belly’s party, and finishing my present for my cousin’s baby shower, I am just so happy that all of it has passed. My life can finally go back to normal.

Here are some pictures of the Easter portion of yesterday:
DSCN0168 copy DSCN0195 copy
DSCN0191 copy DSCN0192 copy 

And some of her opening her presents:
DSCN0199 copy DSCN0201 copy

Her cuppycakes which I got the idea from Bouffe e Bambini’s ‘Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes.’ I only used two colors on Belly’s; red and teal. Those colors matched her Olivia decorations. (Didn’t get any pictures of them, but this is the decoration set we got) While I was making the cupcakes I was so nervous. I was just convinced they would not turn out, and it didn’t matter how much red I added to the batter it stayed pink. It wasn’t until I had added a ton of red that my mom informed me that the colors would deepen while cooking, so the cupcakes were just a tad brighter and bolder than the decorations. But… they looked so freaking cool. lol
DSCN0213 copy

And lastly… we got a new family picture!! Well… we got 5, but I *think* I like this one the most.
DSCN0163 copy

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (4/24)

Happy Easter!!

Today is going to be jammed packed for us, the whole day over at my mom’s doing Easter festivities and celebrating Belly’s birthday. We’re having lunch there, then doing Belly’s birthday party, then an Easter egg hunt, followed by dessert and just hanging out with all of our family and friends. My younger brother is saying it’s wrong of us to celebrate Belly’s birthday on Easter, I told him while Belly’s birthday falls on the same time every year, Easter doesn’t; and I’m not adjusting her birthday for it. lol Not to mention, most of our extended family lives roughly an hour from us, and everyone is happy to take advantage of the fact that everyone won’t have to make two trips out this way in a short time period.

The kids are having a great Easter morning so far. We cut back a lot on what we put in baskets this year. Not necessarily intentionally. It was just with all the preparations of everything else we just completely forgot to buy Easter basket stuff. The boys got new markers, big box of crayons, coloring books, and just a little candy. Belly got chalk, a small My Little Pony set, and an even smaller amount of candy.

Now… onto this week’s pages!! I have 5 for you this week. One was actually made a few weeks ago, but I just got to share it this week.

made with this week's product spotlights on the Shabby Shoppe Blog; SPROUT and the SPROUT EASTER ADDITIONS

These next two are pretty special. And while yes, the pictures and stories are really important to me, what I used to make them means even more.
Those pages were made with a huge and wonderful charity kit, A Little Help From My Friends. I always try to buy charity kits, because they’re always for a great cause, but this one has a special meaning to many in the digital scrapbooking community. 100% of the profits of this kit go to help a wonderful lady, mom, and designer; Lauren Grier. She has had some big health problems lately, and as her sole income is from designing stuff only this hospital stay is keeping her from working. A Little Help From My Friends is available at Sweet Shoppe only and is only available for purchase through April.

A very rare page about John and I.
made with Sahlin Studio and Holly Designs collab Art and Soul

And lastly, a page just about the boys.
made with Jenn Barrette's Pumpkin Spice and Jenn Barrette and Jennifer Fox's Splendiferous

Friday, April 22, 2011

Two years ago today…


My stubborn beautiful baby girl finally arrived after getting my second induction in 2 days.

Happy birthday my Bellarina Belly Button Pudding Pie!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey, hey, the gang’s all here!

Err, well, no they aren’t. lol

But they aren’t at my dad’s anymore either! My mother was here when my dad and step-mom dropped the boys off at home, and Zach wanted to go to my mom’s with her. And I’ll be heading out in just a bit to take Ryan over as well. Hey, there’s no school this week, they want to do lots of sleepovers. I’m just glad the boys are back within a 10 minute drive radius of me.

Last night was tough knowing they were at my dad’s. We had tornado warnings on and off last night, and to make matters worse my dad’s area was under one too. Knowing the boys were holed up in that trailer my dad calls a home was not the least bit comforting.

On the note of being in a 10 minute drive radius… my dad and step-mom apparently want to move. They want to move to the same area I live in. Since my step-siblings now live out here too with their father, they figure they want to move out here too so they can be closer to us and the step-sibs. Not too sure how I feel about this to be honest. Especially since the house they want to live in is directly behind my house.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Monday night date night

Do you know what’s sad… I can’t remember the last time we got a fully kid free night. The boys do sleepovers at my mom’s with regularity, but Untitled1Belly almost never does, and the few times that she does do sleepovers, it’s usually mid-week and the boys are home with us. So see, except the occasional few kid free hours on Friday or Saturday evenings when we get to go on the rare date, we never get a fully kid free night. Don’t get me wrong, I love having at least one of the kiddos home with me, I tend to go just a tad stir crazy at home alone, but it’s been so long that I think I was going a tad crazier without a kid free time.

Yesterday was the boys’ last day of school before the start of spring break. Yesterday after school my step-mom came and picked the boys up for their first sleepover with her and my dad in well over a year. It’s a trial run for them (step-mom and dad) to see if the boys are allowed to sleepover more often. So that takes care of the boys.

My mom volunteered my step-father and herself. She said John and I needed a night to ourselves. So, she said that I should pack up some of Belly’s things since the boys wouldn’t be home, and let Belly do sleepover with them. And there goes my last kid.

I’m sure you don’t want all  the details of our night alone. lol But I’ll give you a few.

We didn’t make up our minds on dinner until 8. Then we (read as me) took the chance to dress up and put on makeup and actually leave my hair down. Then we played around with the camera for a bit, see pictures on side of post, he kept trying to make me laugh during them. The second one was supposed to be a kiss picture, but right before the flash went off her turned his head and said “boobies.” lol After that we went out to eat, and not only did we take our time, we also got an appetizer, AND dessert. Big night in our family. lol We came home and did nothing. No cleaning. No getting stuff together for kids in the morning. No tucking in kids. No reading a chapter of Ramona. No cleaning up the bathroom after kiddos’ showers. Pure blissful nothing. And to top it all off, I got to sleep until 8:30 in the morning.

So while I love my kids, I really loved my date night.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Supermom I am not.

I will not claim to be Supermom.

I do not clean my entire house every day, or every other day, or every three days.
I do not efficiently and calmly wash and fold and put away clothes.
I do not make healthy organic home cooked meals every day.
I do not sit down and patiently work with children on homework every day.
I do not always get dressed in a clean wrinkle free outfit every day.
I do not brush my hair or put on makeup every day.
I do not bake treats, run bake sales or scout meetings with any regularity.
I do not watch my language or actions as closely as I should.
I do not make sure that all of the kids activities are intellectually stimulating.
I do not make my kids get dressed or brush their hair if they aren’t leaving the house.
I do not outlaw sugars, sodas, or processed foods.
I do not restrict the amount of TV that the children are allowed to watch.
I do not stop my youngest two from stripping from all of their clothes.
I do not stop my oldest son ordering the younger two around.
I do not stand outside and watch them every time they play in the backyard.
I do not stop them if the pick up bugs or get filthy with dirt and mud.

I do tell and show my children how much I love them every day.
I do cover them in kisses and hugs every chance that I get.
I do sit on the floor and color for hours and play leggos.
I do read to them from at least one book every night.
I do talk with them (and listen) about every part of their days.
I do encourage them to use their creativity and follow their dreams.
I do make sure there is always food in the house for them to eat.
I do teach them to follow rules that aren’t stupid and pointless.
I do everything I can to cheer them up when they are sad.
I do teach them how to handle situations without violence when they are mad.
I do sit and snuggle when they need extra attention and love.
I do tuck them in bed every night and help them say prayers.
I do let them be free to make and learn from their own mistakes.

I do love them more than life, without having to be being a silly Supermom.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (4/17)

Just three this week.

made with Faith True's Country Boy, Darcy Baldwin's Story Telling Accents and DJB Once Upon a Font, and various Karah Frederick's Finishing Touches

made with Karah Frederick's Splatterific 6, Gina Miller's Piccadilly Papers, Ju Kneipp Deisgn's Life is Beautiful... Elements, and Sahlin Studio's A Spring Day Elements

made with Julie Bullock's Spring Fresh

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Snapshots (4/16)

DSCN8923 copy
Things have been so busy (and the weather so beautiful) I just haven’t had any chance to really get on and update things. Belly had her two year appointment yesterday. And her doctor said she’s just perfect, which makes my heart so happy since check ups used to be something to dread. She’s 33 inches tall, and 30 pounds even. The boys are doing great. We’re now on chapter 3 on Ramona the Brave. They both got their last progress reports, and both did wonderfully, though Zach’s been having some problems with his spelling. The last few days were especially jam packed since I was asked (pretty last minute) to be a featured layout designer for a website, so I was pushing to get all that together in time. If you want to check it out you can see it here. That’s really all that has been going on lately.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (4/10)

Got 5 pages for you this week!! All three kiddos are (sorta) featured this week.

Belly’s rocking the same outfit in both of these pages, yet they are different days. I just looooove that outfit. Plus, it’s also sorta kinda her only hot weather outfit at the moment. lol
Credits for both of those pages: made with the Shabby Princess' Blossom Collection

My daughter is so beautiful! ♥
made for the Easy-As-Pie Template Challenge 11 on the Shabby Shoppe blog! made using Shabby Princess' Giggle Box and this week's product spotlight, Blossom

Here’s a Zach-in-tummy picture! :o)
made with Julie Bullock's Tiny Tots (boys)

A page featuring pictures of Ryan and Belly playing in my mom’s backyard last week.
made with Gina Marie Huff's Kicking Up Leaves, Full of Wonder, and A Breath of Fresh Air
also used Lauren Grier's Layered Up in You Shapes, and Joanne Brisebois' Photo Pockets 5

This week’s pages feature a variety of stores in the products. I’m trying to venture out in the challenges I do because I have tons of stuff from several stores and I end up never using them because I mainly only do my Shabby Princess pages and Sweet Shoppe’s Portfolio. I really want to get my money worth out of all this other stuff so I’m doing my best to start using more of my stash.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The post that never was…

Yeah… I have no idea what happened to the post that was supposed to go up Monday morning with the rundown of last week. I’m 99% positive that I not only scheduled it, I saved it in drafts too and yet, not only did it not post on Monday, it has vanished from the drafts also.

This sure is a heck of a conundrum.

Anyway… until I can retype it later (cause I don’t want to do it now); enjoy.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (4/3)

I’ve got four for you this week, but don’t have time to link up all the supplies used. :o) I made a couple others also, but won’t be able to share them until next week.

A fun little random one:
made with the following: doodled bugs - Gina Marie Huff's 'Happy Garden' following kits by Jenn Barrette: Growth Spurt, Dandelion Wishes, and Let Your Light Shine
frames from: Melissa Bennet's Bee Happy, Jenn Barrette's Dandelion Wishes, Krystal Hartley and Scrapkitchen Deigns' The Very Thought of You, Lauren Grier and Shawna Clingerman's Can't Help Falling, Melissa Bennet's Pot O' Gold, Shawna Clingerman's By My Side, Tracie Reed's Stealing Prince Charming, and Shabby Princess' Sprout

And a few to go in Belly’s scrapbook for this year:
made for the Shabby Princess' Project Scrap 2011 using one of the FREE February Templates
made with the Shabby Princess' Giggle Box
made for the Shabby Princess' Project Scrap 2011 using one of the FREE March Templates
made using the Shabby Princess' Sprout Collection and Gabby Collection

And lastly, another one featuring some vintage Ryan pics:
made with Kristen Cronin-Barrow's All About Him, and Lauren Grier's Layered Up in You Edges 2

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Snapshot (4/2)

DSCN8595-2 copy
((Zach got his Tiger Cub patch at his Cub Scouts meeting Tuesday night. Have a catch up post ready to go live on Monday.))