Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey, hey, the gang’s all here!

Err, well, no they aren’t. lol

But they aren’t at my dad’s anymore either! My mother was here when my dad and step-mom dropped the boys off at home, and Zach wanted to go to my mom’s with her. And I’ll be heading out in just a bit to take Ryan over as well. Hey, there’s no school this week, they want to do lots of sleepovers. I’m just glad the boys are back within a 10 minute drive radius of me.

Last night was tough knowing they were at my dad’s. We had tornado warnings on and off last night, and to make matters worse my dad’s area was under one too. Knowing the boys were holed up in that trailer my dad calls a home was not the least bit comforting.

On the note of being in a 10 minute drive radius… my dad and step-mom apparently want to move. They want to move to the same area I live in. Since my step-siblings now live out here too with their father, they figure they want to move out here too so they can be closer to us and the step-sibs. Not too sure how I feel about this to be honest. Especially since the house they want to live in is directly behind my house.

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Katie :) said...

How far does he live now? he's thinking about the house behind you, eh? Didn't you hear that house have really bad sewage problems? ;)