My love affair with Digital Scrapbooking.

I began digital scrapbooking in late October/early November of 2007. I already had a few months experience with Photoshop at this point, and a pretty OK concept of how it all worked. That's not to say I didn't stink just like all people trying out something new. I quickly became hooked and it is one of my favorite pastimes. (after reading, and taking pictures of my kids, and playing with my kids, and watching bad movies with the hubby)

I am on The Lily Pad's site creative team, Amy Martin's creative team, and Karah Fredricks' creative team. I am also a contributor for the site Me So Scrappy.

Now, for viewing pleasure... my very first digital scrapbooking page:

If you'd like you can see my most recent (and most complete) gallery by going and checking out my gallery at Digi Shop Talk.