Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Flashback (7/30)

From July 30, 2009

“I don't go crazy buying myself stuff, I hate buying stuff for myself, I always feel there's a better use for the money. But I go just a little wild when it comes to buying clothes for the kids. I can't help it. I see all these cute clothes and I think "Oh, Bella would look darling in that," or "Zach loves those kinds of shirts," or "Ryan would look so handsome in that." I mean once I start buying them clothes I can't stop! I have a feeling it goes back to when I was younger. We never had any nice clothes, we always got hand-me-downs from our cousins, and with me and my brother being the youngest in the family (not including my half-brother and sister since there's a 7 year gap between the brothers and a 9 year one between me and my sister) everything was really worn by the time it got to us. So, I just love buying the kids new, nice clothes. Shoot, they dress better and have a bigger wardrobe than John and I. I just spent $200 on fall/winter clothes for Bella, no one else, just her. And before the 30% discount it was $300! And seeing as how John banned me from buying her anything else (she has a closet full of summer clothes she still doesn't quite fit...) I have a feeling this might cause some issues. But she has no fall/winter clothes, so really this was a needed purchase...

Original post here: Two Blues and a Pink – I have an addiction… to shopping!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Belly and the Cuppy Cake Mix

Woo, look at me! I’m helping Mommy cook!
DSCN7984 copy

Hey, what’s this? Mommy thinks I should taste it. Well, ok…
DSCN7985 copy

Hmmm, I think I should keep this. This is now MINE!
DSCN7991 copy

Oh gosh, the yumminess just goes on and on!
DSCN7999 copy

Oh man, just WOW! This, what was it again…?
DSCN8005 copy

CHOCOLATE! I love this! This is MINE MINE MINE!
DSCN8001 copy

WHAT?!?!? NO!!! You can’t have it! It’s MY chocolate! It can’t be gone!
DSCN8006 copy

Hey! There’s some chocolate on my paci…
DSCN8009 copy


I had to take both Ryan and Belly in for shots this morning. Belly to get her finally started on them and Ryan to get caught up on his for school. Plus I needed to get a new copy of Ryan’s birth certificate for school also.

To start off, I got there at about 9:45, appointment was at 10. Waited for a close to 45 minutes, then they got called back for shots. When I was filling out their paperwork when I first got there I put in a request for Ryan's birth certificate and the lady said to pick it up on my way out. Ryan did, well, ok with his shots. He fussed a little and cried some but it wasn't too bad. At first Belly did great. The first three she took with just stiffening herself up but the last two she screamed bloody murder through. (I was informed those 2 burn a lot). All of that was finished up by about 11.

I went up to pay for Ryan's birth certificate and pick up his official shot records and the new lady behind the counter told me to get another number and wait again. Never had to do that before, but was ok with it since your supposed to wait 30 minutes before leaving anyway to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the shots. Got a number and sat down to wait. I had to wait close to TWO hours. I finally get called (let me tell you Ryan and Belly were NOT happy at this point) go up there and I'm told it's going to be $58.22. I'm sure she must be wrong, birth certificates are around $10 and we've never had to pay for shots, our income is way below the cut off for a 5 person family.

Uh, wrong.

They changed it and now we have to pay 45% of the shot cost, and only people on the state insurance can now get them for free. I literally left my house with $20 cash in my pocket and that was supposed to cover birth certificate, cupcake supplies, plus a few extra groceries we need. I asked if she'd accept a debit card and she said no cash or check only. I asked would they accept partial payment, and she said no, but I can go back to one of the patient rooms and call and see if someone can bring me the money. So, I'm sitting there at the counter trying to think of what the heck I'm going to do when I remember that for once my checkbook is in the van since I went and paid a bill Monday. There were like 4 people in line behind me and it was so embarrassing since the woman wasn't even trying to keep her voice down so they all heard I lacked the money to pay. I paid got Ryan and Belly back to the van and just sat there and cried. I don't cry easily but that lady was so mean and nasty and I was soooooo fully embarrassed.

Plus John is going to be so mad when he gets home. I'm sure he could have pulled that much cash if I'd known (between our weekly cash and getting some out of bill money) so he's going to be furious that I wrote a check since the last time we wrote that place a check it didn't come out until like a month and a half later. (Should add this was the Health Department - our doc doesn't do shots) Sure, after he's done yelling and being angry it might finally reach his brain that I didn't KNOW, but it'll take a little bit first.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Patty.

Patty copy When I first got the idea to do blog interviews with other bloggers I never had a moment of wondering who I wanted to interview first, I knew. Patty.

Now, I know some of you, my followers, are scratching your head saying, “Uh, who?” since you are all not from Justmommies. Patty is one of the founders of the parenting site Justmommies. JM has literally everything. It has articles on everything mommy/pregnancy/kids and such. It has tons of helpful tools, and not just the things you expect to see on a parenting site, such as a way to find out your due date, but also things to help you with your housework. There are special mommy related games and a video section. Those might be some of the things that bring people to JM, but the things that keep them coming back are the sites awesome forum, blogs, and groups. And for the most part we have Patty and her sister to thank for all that. Though the site was bought by a larger company, Patty still is active in the site as an administrator, a blog contributor and editor, and co-host/host of three boards on the forum, and leader of four of the groups. Can you just say WOW. I’ve like been in awe of all this woman does for a while.

So, now on to the fun part, the interview. Bare with me, this is my first.

Trish: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Patty?
Patty: My life is not really that exciting. I normally get up when I wake up, normally by 8:30 at the latest, and start my day. I take care of JustMommies emails, update the blog, post on my boards, etc.

T: You're a busy homeschooling mom, how do you find time to do the JM stuff, blog, homeschool, and do all the other things you have to do during the day?
P: My husband actually is in charge of the homeschooling. We use an online curriculum,, for a good bit of the kids’ school. It helps a lot because he just has to get them on the computer and watch over them. Then we supplement with other curriculum because they don’t get any written work with Time4Learning.
As for how I find time to do everything, I don’t. I usually juggle. I try to make the most efficient use of my time but I have my good days and my bad days. My husband helps a whole lot, not with JM but with making the rest of my life manageable.

T: What made you decide to do unschooling with your children? How is it different than just regular homeschooling?
P: I think I may have miscommunicated in my post about supporting radical unschooling. This is something I support but we are not unschoolers. I have a few friends that unschool though. The difference between unschooling and homeschooling is that unschoolers do not use a curriculum and teach their children through life experiences rather than book work. I share similar views as unschoolers though. I don’t test my kids, we don’t do school every day, and I don’t keep records. We do school year round so we just take time off whenever we want. I want my kids to enjoy their childhood and I don’t think they should be burdened with hours of unnecessary homework.
I have a very open mind when it comes to education. I support parents’ rights to do what they feel is best for their family whether that be public school, private school or homeschool.
I have wanted to homeschool since long before I ever had children. I have been around homeschoolers my whole life. I want my children to enjoy their childhood. I want to be in control of what they are learning and I want my kids to be able to have an education that is tailored to their needs.

T: How did JM come about?
P: Before JustMommies started, my sister and I were part of a few different message board sites for moms. I didn’t want to do this by myself so I drug my sister along for the ride. I bought the domain name in 2003. It was first hosted on a free site and it went nowhere. I did nothing with it for about a year. Then, I bugged my sister. I wanted to get serious with it so we both set to work on it. We launched the site, this time doing a much better job with it and worked very hard getting it off the ground. I remember getting excited every time a new member joined. There was a lot of work, mistakes, data base crashes, new servers, and learning along the way.

T: How do you go about deciding which blogs you include on the JM blog? Which posts?
P: Some of the things we look for in selecting a new blogger are how active they are, how well they write, and the types of post they write. We try to keep the blog diverse. When scheduling posts we try to mix it up so that we have a little of everything. It’s still a work in progress.
You create multiple blog posts at once, how do you decide when each should be published?
Again, I try to mix things up. Sometimes I will get on a roll and type up several posts at once and sometimes I will go days without a new post. I am trying to blog more regularly. I think practice makes perfect.

T: What do you think the main topics are that you blog about? Why do you think you blog about those so much?
P: I find myself blogging about goal setting and motivation a lot. I am a bit of a perfectionist (not with everything though) and find myself getting stuck on this topic. I get frustrated when I don’t accomplish my goals and I think blogging about this keeps me focused. I would like to blog more about my personal life, like things my kids are doing and that sort of thing, but I am somewhat of a private person. I am sure that sounds ironic since I have no problems talking about PMS but that’s different.

T: Are there any topics you'd like to blog about, but for one reason or another you never do? Is it just that you never have the time or inspiration, or is it that you feel the topic to controversial?
P: Oh yeah. I have quite a few posts that I have typed up and never published. I tend to steer clear of controversial topics because I hate debating. I also have written a few very personal posts about my childhood which I have never posted. My childhood experiences have influenced how I raise my own children but at the same time my personal life is personal and not something I feel comfortable sharing with the whole world.

T: What are a few of your favorite blog posts you have done?
P: “There’s Life and Then There’s JustMommies”
This is just about how the real world is compared to JustMommies friendly and supportive environment.
"Childbirth – It should be a magical moment every time”
This one is about getting over having that idealistic birth experience and having a magical birth experience however it happens.
"One of these kids is not like the others”
This is just funny. A woman asked me if some of my kids were adopted because they don’t look like us.
"Stay at home mom lala land”
This was one of my first blog posts. It is about how you think being a stay at home mom is going to make life easier.

T: What blogs do you read? What are a few of your favorite blog posts by other bloggers?
P: The only mom blogs I follow are JM blogs. I would feel guilty if I ventured outside of JM. I do read informational blogs on web design stuff and politics. I am very interested in politics actually but I keep a low profile on that.
"Mixed Messages”
I had to track this post down by meanboys. I love all of her posts. She writes well and always cracks me up. But, this post has stayed in my memory for a while. I just thought it was hilarious and she did a good job describing everything in a humorous way.
"How Do I Hate Thee? Oh Let Me Count The Ways…”
ere is one from Babies Peeping Out that I like. I really love her recipe posts. She always has something interesting and the pictures make me hungry but this post was just funny.

I decided to wrap up the interview on a silly note, since I am the kind. lol

T: If you were a superhero what would your name and powers be?
P: I would love to be able to freeze time. My kids can drive me crazy sometimes and it would be so lovely if I could zap time for a while and add a few uninterrupted hours to my day.

T: Thongs - butt-floss or undergarment must-have?
P: I LOVE thongs. Before I started wearing them it was commando. Thank you for encouraging me to post this little bit of TMI. Oh well.

If you’d like to read more from Patty’s blog her blog is pattyandthemoos on the JustMommies Mommy Blogs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken


(I swear it’s good, and super easy to make)

4 chicken breasts cut in 1 inch strips then cut in 1/2
1/3 bottle teriyaki sauce

Pour some of the teriyaki sauce in the bottom of a 10 in. non-stick pan, place RAW chicken slices into pan then pour the remaining sauce onto the chicken. Turn heat up to 7 and flip the chicken every 5ish minutes until chicken is fully cooked.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Sayings (7/18)

The best things in life aren’t free… kids are expensive as hell.

- by me

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My son the obsessor.

So yesterday morning I’m getting together lunches for me, Belly, and Ryan to take to Parents Day Out. Ryan’s standing there next to me and I go to put his rice cake chips and he says he doesn’t want the apple ones, he wants the chocolate ones. So I open the cabinet and see three bags of the chips and tell him to hold on. I finish doing mine and Belly’s chips, close the bag, and put them up. I reach in the cabinet and pull out the other bags to see what kinds they  are… and they’re all the same.  Apple. Ryan is very put out, but figures, wisely, he’d  rather have apple than none, but he still makes it very clear he would prefer chocolate ones.

Fast forward a bunch of hours, and Parents Day Out is over and we’re loading up in the van to go home. Out of nowhere Ryan says: “Alright mommy, lets go to the store and get them now.” I’m sitting there thinking huh? So I ask him what he’s talking about. We get into a minor argument, him insisting I do know, me insisting I have no clue at all. Finally he goes “Chocolate Mommy, duh, we need to go get the  chocolate ones now.” I’m still a little lost here, so I ask him to describe the chocolate things we need to get. He describes and, as he put it, duh. I tell him, no we have plenty of bags of rice cake chips at home, we don’t need more right now. He grumbles but gives in.

I just couldn’t believe it. We had the first conversation at 8 am and the second at 2:30 pm. That boy had been obsessing over chocolate rice cake chips for over 6 hours.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some days I want to be 23 too.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 23, but most days I don’t feel 23.

I look at the majority of the people I was friends with in high school and I feel like I must really be ages older than them. They’re out partying, traveling, making big plans, and just free. They have no real big worries and responsibilities just yet. True, at this age they are starting to get some, but not the kinds you have to plan your life and whole future around. The people I went to school with, for the most part, are just now getting into serious relationships, getting engaged, or getting married. Only a few have any children and for the most part it’s just one. A few more are newly pregnant.

I feel so tied down compared to them.

Don’t get me wrong. I love John and my children. Some days though I just wish I could be a normal 23 year old. One who can go out and just do what I like. Buy myself something without thinking first, “Do we need diapers this week? Zach really needs new shoes. Ryan was gotten almost too tall for all his shorts.” I’d love to just be able to think about what I want, what I need.

But this is my life and I do love it. It started 7 years ago when I met John, and one pretty fall day we decided to have sex and ended up with Zach.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nurse wherever the heck you want!

It’s your right as an American.
(click to see each state’s laws on breastfeeding. Most specifically say you can do it in public.)

My own state’s stance:'

Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-58-101 et seq. (2006) permits a mother to breastfeed an infant 12 months or younger in any location, public or private, that the mother is authorized to be, and prohibits local governments from criminalizing or restricting breastfeeding.  Specifies that the act of breastfeeding shall not be considered public indecency as defined by § 39-13-511; or nudity, obscene, or sexual conduct as defined in § 39-17-901. (HB 3582)

Tenn. Code Ann. § 50-1-305 (1999) requires employers to provide daily unpaid break time for a mother to express breast milk for her infant child. Employers are also required to make a reasonable effort to provide a private location, other than a toilet stall, in close proximity to the workplace for this activity. (SB 1856)

In Protest (Since we’re entitled that)

You know like the way we’re entitled to our opinions.

I have opinions on many many things, very strong opinions on most.

This includes breastfeeding.
I am all for breastfeeding. This includes nursing in public. Many of you know my stance on breastfeeding isn’t the best. I’m for it and I agree that, for the most part, it is what is best for your baby, and I applaud those who nurse for as long as their child wants to. I was ecstatic with how well Belly picked up on it, and heartbroken when she self-weaned at 4ish months, even though it turned out that her not nursing was extremely better for her. I’m also pretty vocal on the fact that giving your child formula or a bottle is just as good. I actually take an even stronger stance on that. Does this mean I think that mothers should not nurse their babies in public, or that if they do so they should be as covered or as away from people as possible? No. Does this mean I think you should just give your baby a bottle of breast milk or formula instead? No. It’s your right to provide nutrition for your child in the way you feel is best when your child is hungry. Its your responsibility to mind the health of your child. Nursing a baby in a bathroom is just flat out unsanitary. Making them stay covered, with even the lightest of blankets, when they are hot and miserable is not healthy. It will upset them, keep them from getting the nutrition they need (cause they’re too busy being upset), plus think of how smothering that would be. The baby will already be warm pressed against you, imagine adding a cocoon of a blanket. I don’t think so.

I’m sure everyone and their momma has already blogged about and shared this link, but here’s what prompted this post: Russ and Lisa in the Morning: June 6. Fast-forward 6ish minutes in. That lady just disgusts me. Yeah, we’re all entitled to our opinions. We’re also all blessed with a brain. She obviously doesn’t realize it. If she did she would realize some opinions are better left unsaid. Am I saying people shouldn’t share their less than savory opinions. Hell no. I’m full of them that I share all the time. But, am I someone who represents a whole area of people with a radio show and website that potentially 1,000s of people will hear? No. If nothing else she should have kept her mouth shut and thought about the sponsors of her show and how the heads of the stations will react when they have to deal with the fall out of her poop fest. Common sense. Use it.

Now for my protest, and I do so hope others will join me, create a blog post with a picture of you nursing (or if you never nursed – just state you support it – if you do support it that is) and add this link:
Breastfeeding State Laws
and the laws that apply to where you live, bolding any that deal with the issue of nursing in public.

Thank you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Allow me to introduce…

The majestic walking Belly Pie!

This rare known species of girl would not walk where the casual observer may easily catch a glimpse. She would only do it full ninja style. But, in a stunning turn of events this afternoon she decided she would show the world her (not so grace like) grace, pose, and beauty.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th (errr 3rd) of July Pictures!

Yeah I wasn’t feeling up to hot, humid, booms, and crowds last night, and John didn’t want to take the boys out to the church’s annual cookout and fireworks show alone so we stayed in last night. BUT we did go out on Saturday night so I have pictures to share! Yay!!!

I came home with over 125+ pictures… most fully unusable for anything. lol That’s what I get for letting the boys take most of the pictures. But here are my favorites of them.

DSCN7498 copy DSCN7500 copy
DSCN7512 copy DSCN7513 copy 
DSCN7533 copy DSCN7536 copy
DSCN7538 copy DSCN7546 copy
DSCN7567 copy DSCN7568 copy

Zach and Bella loved the fireworks. Bella laughed, clapped, and danced each time there was a loud boom and bright lights. Ryan, well, Ryan got bored after like 2 minutes of fireworks and tried his hardest to annoy everyone around him by running around, making pirate and dinosaur noises, and swinging his glow necklace around in circles over his head hitting people.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Sayings (7/4)

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

- The Declaration of Independence

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Too sexy for my shirt

Not me! lol While I don’t have many issues with my body, after having 3 kids, and now being blessed with a road map for a tummy and saggy, well, yeah, I am not too sexy for my shirt.

Apparently Zach is too sexy for his shirt.

How do I know?
a. He told me.
b. He’s told everyone else.
c. He walks around also singing and whistling that stupid song.

Where he learned the song? I have no idea.

But just so you know, my six year old is too sexy for his shirt.