Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Belly and the Cuppy Cake Mix

Woo, look at me! I’m helping Mommy cook!
DSCN7984 copy

Hey, what’s this? Mommy thinks I should taste it. Well, ok…
DSCN7985 copy

Hmmm, I think I should keep this. This is now MINE!
DSCN7991 copy

Oh gosh, the yumminess just goes on and on!
DSCN7999 copy

Oh man, just WOW! This, what was it again…?
DSCN8005 copy

CHOCOLATE! I love this! This is MINE MINE MINE!
DSCN8001 copy

WHAT?!?!? NO!!! You can’t have it! It’s MY chocolate! It can’t be gone!
DSCN8006 copy

Hey! There’s some chocolate on my paci…
DSCN8009 copy


naz said...

omgoodness!!! So sweet lol!!

Nicole Montgomery said...

where is that darn like button?