Monday, July 5, 2010

4th (errr 3rd) of July Pictures!

Yeah I wasn’t feeling up to hot, humid, booms, and crowds last night, and John didn’t want to take the boys out to the church’s annual cookout and fireworks show alone so we stayed in last night. BUT we did go out on Saturday night so I have pictures to share! Yay!!!

I came home with over 125+ pictures… most fully unusable for anything. lol That’s what I get for letting the boys take most of the pictures. But here are my favorites of them.

DSCN7498 copy DSCN7500 copy
DSCN7512 copy DSCN7513 copy 
DSCN7533 copy DSCN7536 copy
DSCN7538 copy DSCN7546 copy
DSCN7567 copy DSCN7568 copy

Zach and Bella loved the fireworks. Bella laughed, clapped, and danced each time there was a loud boom and bright lights. Ryan, well, Ryan got bored after like 2 minutes of fireworks and tried his hardest to annoy everyone around him by running around, making pirate and dinosaur noises, and swinging his glow necklace around in circles over his head hitting people.

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