Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sniffle, Cough, and Two Crock Pots

DSCN9916 copy

The Belly and I be sick.

Yup, again. It seems we live to be sick around this house. It’s our crowning moments.

We’ve (the Belly and I) been spending a lot of time like this the past few days. Until yesterday she’d been running a pretty impressive fever, along with a nasty cough, and even nastier green runny nose. Fever, thankfully, is gone so long as I can keep her calm. Cough and nose, however, refuse to leave. I think she may be teething too. No, scratch that. I know she is. Her bottom teeth are finally catching up to the top. So, as can be expected, she is a holy terror at the moment. Did not nap at all yesterday. I was one tired sick mommy. As for me, I got the low fever, nastier cough, and huge congestion. I was feeling ok until late yesterday morning when it hit me. Major suckage since I have a TON to get done around the house, and between feeling miserable and dealing with Belly being miserable I have accomplished nothing, and it’s kinda driving me slightly nuts since I got in the nasty habit of actually getting things done around the house in a timely fashion.

DSCN9918 copy

Onto the two crock pots now.

I got the second one from my mom right before I went out of town. She finally broke down and replaced the one she has had for years upon years, (One with green rim around top) and gave her old one to me since it’s a 1/2 gallon bigger than mine. This came in very handy today. I made a roast in mine the other night, knowing John, Belly, and I would not be able to eat the whole thing so that I could make vegetable beef stew one night this week with the leftovers. I got out the chicken Sunday night to start defrosting it to make fried chicken last night. Yeah, I was not up to making fried chicken last night, I nuked some frozen pizzas instead. Boils down to I had TWO things of meat that had to be eaten today. Thus, break out the second crock pot. Tonight my family will have a choice between vegetable beef stew and chicken noodle soup. Then I will just freeze whatever is left of both. But hey, my house is smelling incredibly yummy at the moment.


aims said...

i hope you feel better soon!! we are all sick too so i feel your pain!! i wish this lung would just come up already! lol

Pom said...

You must already be feeling better already since you could smell the food. :)
Poor Bella. Hope she can sleep better soon, so you can catch some naps too.

Design It Chic said...

Hi Trish! Hope you and Belly get well soon! I am now following you thanks to Follow Me Back Tuesday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
And to cheer you up, today is the first day of our Show Yo' Flow Campaign, so stop by to see the interview with Tiffany and maybe snag one of the awesome prizes she has for our readers! Happy Wednesday!