Monday, November 1, 2010

Secrets and bribery.

DSCN9169 copy

(This conversation takes place as the boys were supposed to be cleaning their room. Zach is in the bedroom with the door open and Ryan is in the bathroom going potty with the door open. I have the hallway door open so I can hear them “clean.”)

“Hey Ryan!”


“I’ll give you these two men if you clean the room by yourself.”


“But it has to be a secret. You can’t tell Mommy.”


“Boys, you know you’re yelling and I can hear you right?”

“Never mind Ryan.”

“But Mommy! I want the men!”

“No Ryan.”

“That’s not fair!”

“Neither is Zach taking advantage of you.”

“It’s not like I was going to make him do it for free.”

(conversation from October 20, 2010, picture from October 4, 2010)

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