Monday, November 8, 2010

We won’t talk about that.

Yeah, the trip… it was a nightmare, so we won’t get into that. Not one little bit.

I missed the kiddos like crazy (though not why trip was bad), and by the end even Zach was missing me too. It was painful talking to Ryan at bedtime each night, he always sounded on the verge of tears. I got home late last Thursday so the boys didn’t know I was home until they got up Friday morning. Ryan cried a little, told me he missed me so so much, and kept hugging me. Zach just kept saying “I can’t believe you’re finally home!” I saw Belly later in the morning when I got to my mom’s. I don’t think the trip was too good for Belly. She’s been very clingy, was even more so before she got sick. (low fever, green snotty nose, and cough – same as me now) She freaks out if I even walk out of the room without her, and bedtime and naps have gotten to be a terror. She screams – a lot.

But I am so happy to be home with John and the kiddos, I missed them way way way more than I thought I would. I called John Monday night crying saying I was ready to come home. And not just for the missing them factor, the whole trip was just bad. I haven’t decided if I’ll share any pictures from it yet. Hell, I might just delete them all and rid myself of the memory.

(Oh the video is from this afternoon – I just felt like sharing it lol)

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Jen M said...

New follower via Mingle Monday :)

Pom said...

So..... how's the trip? :D

Just kidding. Good to see you home.
Bella is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!
I was blushing watching the clip, felt like I was really kissed! LOL