Friday, November 12, 2010

Why my boys are the most awesome.

DSCN9721 copy
They will zap you with laser spoons.

DSCN9741 copy
They will contort their faces into odd looks of disgust.

DSCN9951 copy
They will steal my camera and take pictures of themselves making monkey faces.

DSCN9946 copy
And then they will make cute faces when Mommy steals the camera back.

DSCN9254 copy
They will pose together… so long as one can make fun of the other.

DSCN9410 copy
They are adorable when they pout.

DSCN9409 copy
They get way overly excited over simple things.

DSCN9427 copy
They know how to rock a kickin giant afro wig.

DSCN8795 copy
They know the importance of a proper pose.

DSCN9417 copy
Because they are the most awesome boys in the world and nothing YOU say will change that.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Your boys look like a couple of crack ups! I bet they keep you laughing all day! So cute.