Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your baby is ugly.

That came from my tactless 6 & 1/2 year old… the wonderful Zach Zoo.

That was directed at my best friend’s one month old daughter when we met her.

That is what he is telling everyone in his class about the baby.

How do I know he’s telling people in his class? It just so happens my best friend’s niece is in the same class as him. Apparently each time she tries to talk about her new cousin Zach interrupts and says that the baby is ugly. The niece, Faith, called my best friend at work yesterday, crying, because apparently it has been upsetting her very much that Zach thinks the baby is ugly, and her mom, my friend’s sister, is also very mad about it.

My friend, Katie, called me yesterday laughing saying she just had the funniest call that she had to tell me about before she forgot. This is when I heard about what Zach has been saying to Faith. When I asked Zach if he had been saying it, he shrugged and said “Well, yeah, cause baby Liz’beth is ugly.” Which makes Katie laugh louder.

It’s a very good thing my friend has a sense of humor. Otherwise, I might have died of humiliation. But then again, she does often say her daughter looks like a constipated monkey – in a cute way.


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