Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank Bob the most wonderful time of the year is OVER!

OK… so I’m a Scrooge… bah-humbug to you and your overly holiday cheerful self.

Usually, I’m a very into Christmas person… this year, eh, not so much. Thanks to Belly teething and me getting sick, lets just say good riddance Christmas! Now since I know you are all just dying to see yet more Christmas pictures (because the 100-gazillion-million-fillion other blogs you read with Christmas photos surely weren’t enough since they didn’t have MY cute kids…) here you go:

There you go. I’m too lazy and done with Christmas to add anymore. The kids had a blast, and all got exactly what they asked for.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the day before the night before Christmas…

DSCN9446-Edit and Mommy just didn’t care.

She didn’t feel the holiday spirit, she didn’t feel the joy or excitement.

She felt deep down bone tired and like she’d been run over by a truck like a rabbit.
Her body was achy, her head threatened a divorce, her brain felt like it was leaking and all-in-all she just was not one with the force.

Coffee wasn’t helping.

The Belly was most definitely not either.

Mommy kept checking because she was positive both Belly and her were sick and must have a fever.

Mommy didn’t want to go shopping, read a book, clean, cook, or wrap presents, really what she wanted to do was sleep and maybe open a few of the kids presents so she could watch them.

She was bored. She was tired. But she could not nap.
She was cold. She was achy – like her energy had been sapped.

Twas the day before the night before Christmas and Mommy didn’t care.
She didn’t even have the energy to pretend so thank God the boys weren’t there.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ryan – 0 / Rudolph’s Nose - 2

I went in last Friday to help with Ryan’s class Christmas party.

I, as I was 2 years ago, was in charge of the pin the nose on Rudolph game. I could have sworn Ryan had played pin the tail on the donkey before, but nope, I guess not. The boy not only had no idea what to do, he could not grasp the fact that he was supposed to:

  1. Not be able to see where he was going
  2. Not be able to see what he doing
  3. Walk forward

Plus the little punk would not turn. I literally had to force the boy in circles.

Now for your viewing pleasure two clips of Ryan vs. Rudolph’s Nose.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Bravo Mrs. Zach’s Teacher Ma’am.

I love the set up Zach’s teacher has for class parties and such. She has this policy – either send in a contribution or come in and help. I know this has to frustrate some parents, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty a lot of parents just don’t seem to care about special things the class does. They just sort of ignore them. And personally, I hate parents that do that. Yeah, I know, not all students have a parent that stays home during the day and come and be active in the class. And yeah, not all families can afford to send something in. But, she allows for that. It doesn’t have to be the parent that comes in, any adult family member can come in. Such as on the 10th I went in and helped with their Reindeer rotation party, and since I was going to be helping in Ryan’s class for their party on the 17th my brother went in and helped with Zach’s Christmas Breakfast party. Nor does she require you send in something expensive if you can’t come in. She’ll take napkins, and cheap things like that. With how many parents just ignore the flyers that are sent home asking for contributions and helpers (and with this being his 3rd year in school and my 3rd year helping the teachers plan things – I can tell you many parents do ignore these) I just have to stand up and applaud his teacher. She sent something home at the beginning of the year explaining her policy and you had to sign it agreeing to it. Each time I’ve met with her she’s gone over if I did/did not send something, and if I did not did I come in and help. It just bugs the mess out of me how some parents just have no desire to come in or contribute to the class. Do they think the school pays for these things? No, the teacher and other parents pay to make up the difference if all things needed aren’t sent in. More times than not it’s the teacher. And you know what, that’s just not right. Teachers make a pitiful salary for all they do, not to mention they have to put up with all the school politics, your children, and you parents who don’t seem to care. I figure it’s the least we can do as parents to come help when it’s needed or to send in a few things for the class.

((OK – stepping off my soapbox now lol))

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Time Contest

Over on my new blog (lol don’t worry – this one isn’t going anywhere) for my Project 365 pictures, photo editing tutorials, and contests I have my first ever contest up and listed!! The winner of the contest gets a $20 gift certificate to My Four Hens’ store! Here’s my example photo:

Go check the contest out!!! Deadline isn’t until January 1, 2011 11:59 pm Central Standard Time!
Tutus and Sneakers – Contest: Christmas Time

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elf… I think I’m going to fire your butt.

Meet Charlie Snowman Peterpants
DSCN9200 copy

He is one of those creepy little Elf on the Shelf dudes. I thought he was kinda creepy and that the idea would not work at my house, but since my mom spent the $30 on it for the boys and Belly I figured we might as well do it. And hey, the boys think he’s pretty darn cool. The boys named him. They actually agreed on Charlie, then Ryan picked Snowman, and Zach Peterpants. No, no idea where he pulled that name from. lol

The premise is that he’s like Santa’s secret agent. He watches you and then goes back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa if you’ve been good or bad, then comes back and hides somewhere and you have to find him. This is supposed to make children behave.

Yeah… that’s not working.

Instead I have yelling, tantrums, and punching every morning because one boy wants to beat the other at finding him. As if our mornings weren’t hectic and angry enough. (Comes from living in a house where poor ol’ Ryan is our only morning person. lol) Plus, as I mentioned before… I think he’s uber-creepy.

We’ll keep doing it… probably will next year too… hopefully by next year he might actually work.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Proof I love my boys.

Should I ever need proof about loving my boys I now have it.

I was willing to look thoroughly and completely idiotic this weekend in search of something off both of their Christmas lists (Yeah – I just started Christmas shopping Saturday – I swear it’s not because I was procrastinating like usual).

Lets talk about Zach’s first since his mission for me was not too bad.
On his letter to Santa he said he wanted a Lego Star Wars book. Luckily for Santa, Zach gave me a little more detail on the book than he did Santa. He said “That one you know. The one that’s like one of those books at school, but it’s about Star Wars. Oh, and everything in it is Legos.” Clear as mud right? I asked Zach where Santa could find the book and he said “It’s at that store Daddy goes to. You know, the one by the mall. It’s got like movies and stuff.” (Yeah… “you know” is his new phrase by the way) That translated – Best Buy. Since the majority of what the boys want can be bought at Best Buy anyway, that was our first stop. After picking up the movies they wanted (Z – Percy Jackson, R – Toy Story 3 and Shrek 4, B – Beauty and the Beast), and after looking really, and I do mean REALLY, stupid on Ryan’s behalf, I went in search of that Lego Star Wars book. I looked where they had their few books – no Lego Star Wars books. Looked where they had a display of Star Wars collectibles – no Lego Star Wars book there either. Looked over where the Lego video games were – still no book. I’m starting to think maybe Zach made this book up. So, I suck up my creeping embarrassment and find a worker and go ask if they have any idea what I’m talking about, and if they have this book, or if this book is even real. First three people I asked looked at me like “What the hell are you talking about?” however, the third lady suggested I go ask the guy working in cameras… he, it turns out, is a Star Wars junkie. I find my Star-Wars-Yoda-Camera guy, ask him about the book, and he says he knows what I’m talking about – but no they don’t sale it anymore, and he doesn’t know the name of it. BUT I got a new clue. He said it’s like an encyclopedia of all things Star Wars and Lego Star Wars, AND it’s the size of a medium sized coffee table book. Good news right? Errr, wrong. I went to four bookstores before I found that stupid book, when I asked the workers if they had the book I kept hearing “Well, it would help if you knew the book’s name or who wrote it.” I mean come-the-flippers-on, how many freaking Star Wars Lego encyclopedias could there possibly be??!! The only reason we found it at the last place is because that store actually had a huge section just for Star Wars stuff. This is the book he wants.

I really really want to say lets just not talk about Ryan’s. I mean really. I swear – I think Zach put this idea into Ryan’s head just to get a few good laughs at his brother’s expense.
If you look here at the last thing on Ryan’s part of the list you will see the present that is the bane of my holiday shopping. Think it’s a typo that’s supposed to say Megatron? Well, you think wrong. Yup, he wants a Negatron action figure. Who or what is Negatron you ask. Apparently, Negatron is supposed to be a bad guy Transformer. And Zach is backing up Ryan 100% in this thought. Wanna know the catch? There is NO Transformer named Negatron. John and I figured well maybe there is, and we just don’t know about it. We asked almost all the workers at Best Buy, and a few of the geekier looking customers, if they knew who Negatron was. Some just said no, some laughed and asked if we were joking. One guy said “Don’t be stupid, there is no Negatron” when I insisted that was who my son meant, not Megatron. We spent hours looking at toy stores fueled not only by the boys’ insistence, but also by my older brother who was backing them up. We searched and we searched and we searched. We put up with laughs and constant “Do you mean Megatron?” because my brother was backing the boys up. Come to find out later, when my brother posted it to Facebook, that he has no idea if there is or isn’t a Negatron, he just wanted to see if we’d go nuts looking. Now I have to try to convince Ryan that Zach and Joe (my brother) were lying to him all this time and find out what toy he wants instead.

I hate Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It was a two tutu kind of day.

DSCN9193 A long long time ago, in a galaxy not quite so far away, lived a very silly princess. This princess, Princess Pudding, was, as mentioned before, silly; she was also very loving, kind, obnoxious, and cuddly. When Princess Pudding felt down or bad her favorite thing to do was to dress up in her prettiest silliest clothes. The more down she was the sillier she looked.

Today… alas, today Princess Pudding looked very, very silly indeed. Today Princess Pudding was feeling all the injustices of being not-quite-one-but-not-quite-two. Her brothers, Prince Zoo and Prince Wild, left to go learn how to kill space dragons before she woke up. Her daddy, King Daddy, had gone off to rule the galaxy while she was still in bed. And that was just NOT fair. How can a princess be a proper princess when her family does not give her bye-kisses? She can’t.

Then, to make matters worse, when her mommy, Queen Mommy, came to get her out of bed, her mommy said Princess Pudding smelled bad. Princesses are not supposed to stink. Queen Mommy had to know that, she must have just wanted to hurt Princess Pudding’s feelings. Queen Mommy was just unfair and cruel all morning. She would not let her eat a biscuit while her diaper was being changed. And she would not let her rub oatmeal in her princess hair. She wouldn’t let the princess wear her fairy wings while eating, and she wouldn’t let her have her paci either. DSCN9188

After breakfast Princess Pudding said enough was enough – and that she was in charge. She tried screaming at Queen Mommy, but she was not only ignored – Queen Mommy put Princess Pudding in the hall by herself!!! When screaming “No Momma!” over in the hallway over and over did not make Queen Mommy come back Princess Pudding decided to throw herself down on the floor. That was not a good idea. She did not know Prince Zoo left blocks right where she was planning to fling herself. When Princess Pudding started crying because she was hurt Queen Mommy ran and scooped her right up and kissed her boo-boo.

Queen Mommy put Princess Pudding in her favorite tutu, gave her an extra kiss, and told her it was time for all princesses to start behaving. Princess Pudding thought maybe it was time too. Princess Pudding watched some shows on the magic box, drew some magnificent illustrations with her parchment and magic color sticks, and talked to her magical pig. And then it happened again… the force was disturbed in Princess Pudding’s day. She had been laying on the floor and her royal dog accidentally stepped on her leg when she ran to the door. Princess Pudding laid and she cried. Queen Mommy picked her up, gave her kisses, and told her she’d be OK. Princess Pudding knew she would not be OK, Queen Mommy was wrong. Princess Pudding went to her room to cry, and came back out with her other tutu. Queen Mommy laughed and put the second tutu on top of the first, and told Princess Pudding she was such a “silly little pudding-pie.”

But the second tutu worked, and the silliness of the two tutus together worked to make everything right in Princess Pudding’s day. And it stayed OK. And it was good.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

So this is what we’ll do.

It’s not like I’ve had nothing to blog about the past few days. I have. I swear. But see here’s what happened…

Something happened, and I really wanted to blog about it, but then I didn’t get a chance to the day it happened, and the next day some other stuff happened that I wanted to blog about, but then I didn’t know which to blog about first. Then yesterday I wanted to blog about something else… but had two others I should blog about…

It’s a vicious cycle that leads to me sitting on my butt doing anything but blogging.

So this what we’ll do (what I should have just done to start with)… We’ll combine them to one post. I sometimes astonish myself at the genius I posses.

First – and best – I got a huge blessing from the digital scrapbooking designer I work with. It was so nice and took a worry off my heart. Totally made my week. I love working with her and she is just nicest lady. Before I got on her team I was burning myself on scrapping. I was just flat out overcommitted between working for designers and doing my own designing. Don’t get me wrong – I loved the store I worked for, and I loved the designers I worked for but it was all too much. I put off designing because I wanted to be scrapping, I put off scrapping because I had to work on team pages, I put off those because I knew I should be working on designing. Then this opportunity came along, but to get it I had to work exclusively with her. Dropping my other commitments terrified me, but I’m constantly getting proof it was the right thing to do.

Second – as I’m sure everyone who reads my blog or has had a toddler knows – teething freaking sucks. Yes, still teething. I live for the day that Belly finally has all her teeth. And the teething combined with the on-set of the terrible twos… hell, pure hell. Never did I think I’d have a child that would be harder to keep up with than Ryan, but let me tell you, Belly is putting him to shame in the mischief and trouble department.

Last, I’m working on documenting the 25 Days that lead up to Christmas. It’s a digital scrapbooking project and the goal is to make one page a day going over your day, specifically the parts relating to Christmas. So far I’m really enjoying it – and actually keeping up. Here are the pages from the past two days.


Dec 1st:

Dec 2nd:

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not shooting for fancy, just documented.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, look, I’m AWESOME!

DSCN9057 copy 3 copy

Mommy got her Christmas card photo.
Who’s the bomb? I’m the bomb. Bow before me.

So, today it snowed.
DSCN9028 copy
Then it stopped and it all melted and went away.

Then Belly had the pukes and refused to nap.
(Did I mention she was up till close to two last night… ?)

Next, I let the Belly play with Christmas lights…
DSCN9046 copy
Yes, just so I could take pictures of her playing with them…

Got the boys (she screamed for Ryan from the time she saw the school till he got in the van). Worked on homework with the boys. Cleaned. Cooked.

Last, I took pictures of three kiddos together in hopes I’d get at least one good one. (See picture at top of post) Here are a few others of the three of them:
DSCN9058 copy
DSCN9060 copy
DSCN9061 copy

Monday, November 29, 2010

Eventually I WILL get it.

Attempt 1 at taking a photo for our Christmas cards = epic fail.

DSCN7122 copy
Oh hey! Let’s not have anyone look at the camera… or smile.

DSCN7123 copy
Would be decent… if I wanted a picture of just Ryan.

Yup, yup. Epic fail-ness. Guess I will pull out the camera and hassle them all to get pictures again tomorrow... and the next day, and the next, and the next.

I will eventually get a good picture of all three of my children together.


I don’t think…

I don’t think that I seriously have anything funny or witty to post today.


Me brain, it be tapped. lol Between Ryan and Belly my head is tired and done.

We put the tree and it’s lights up yesterday. Hopefully tonight we’ll actually decorate, it just depends on how Zach does with his homework. His homework was a journal to write in every day of Thanksgiving break. Did I know about it? No, not till this morning. Do I think it’s a stupid assignment? Yes. I get it, she wants them to write more to get practice, but come on, how many kids will even be home to work on it, and how many parents will remember it to take out of town with them. Screw that. I have better things to do with my kids during their breaks. But yeah… tonight we have to do a week’s worth of journal entries. Joy. I don’t even know what he did most of last week since he wasn’t even home for most of the week.

Yes, we are still teething. Yes, it still sucks.

Lastly, here is my black and white photo entry for the Paper Mama blog Photo Challenge this week:


DSCN7036 copy

Friday, November 26, 2010

Something stinky this way comes.

Man, don’t you just love kids?

So yeah I missed posting about everything I’m thankful for, but really I don’t need Thanksgiving to think about all I’m thankful for so I won’t waste a blog post on it. Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving. Zach, Belly, and I went to my dad’s family for lunch while John stayed home with sick Ryan. We get back and Belly is running a huge fever. We were worried she’d caught whatever Ryan had, but nope, we think it’s just teething. The facet of spit running down her chin and chest, the fact that I was up almost all night with her, and the 5 poopy diapers I’ve changed over the past two days (3 from today) are proof of that.

Which leads into this conversation I just had with Ryan.

I’d changed Belly not even two hours ago with a hugely poopy diaper and Ryan yells that Belly is stinky again. As I’m changing her this is what Ryan and I say to each other:

Ryan “Mommy, I guess you just missed some of her poop earlier.”

Me “No, Ryan, she just pooped again.”

R “Well gosh, tell her to quit pooping so much. Maybe she shouldn’t have any more food today.”

M “That’s not why she keeps pooping you nerd. It’s because she’s teething.”

R “What’s that?”

M “You know what teething is. It’s when a baby is getting new teeth. It makes them fussy and feel bad. And makes them poop a lot.”

R “When I was a baby, and I was getting tooths, I did not poop that much.”

M “Yes you did it.”

R “No, Bella’s just weird.”

(picture me shaking my head and rolling my eyes)
As I said, don’t you just love kids?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your baby is ugly.

That came from my tactless 6 & 1/2 year old… the wonderful Zach Zoo.

That was directed at my best friend’s one month old daughter when we met her.

That is what he is telling everyone in his class about the baby.

How do I know he’s telling people in his class? It just so happens my best friend’s niece is in the same class as him. Apparently each time she tries to talk about her new cousin Zach interrupts and says that the baby is ugly. The niece, Faith, called my best friend at work yesterday, crying, because apparently it has been upsetting her very much that Zach thinks the baby is ugly, and her mom, my friend’s sister, is also very mad about it.

My friend, Katie, called me yesterday laughing saying she just had the funniest call that she had to tell me about before she forgot. This is when I heard about what Zach has been saying to Faith. When I asked Zach if he had been saying it, he shrugged and said “Well, yeah, cause baby Liz’beth is ugly.” Which makes Katie laugh louder.

It’s a very good thing my friend has a sense of humor. Otherwise, I might have died of humiliation. But then again, she does often say her daughter looks like a constipated monkey – in a cute way.


Monday, November 15, 2010


<KENOX S630  / Samsung S630>

When I was pregnant with the Belly I was so convinced we would need to buy all new everything, especially clothes-wise. I saved some of the boys’ few gender neutral things (there were very few to start with), but even the grand total of those were like 10 outfits spread out in sizes under 2t.

The boys had quite a few hand-me-downs, primarily from my mom’s friend who has a boy just under three years older than Zach. (This would be Jared – Zach’s best friend) Even so, between Jared and Zach, what made it to Ryan was primarily consigned to play outside clothes. Since I was in school at the time I would always use my refund to stock up on new clothes for the boys. But there’s a little boy my mom watches who is about a year younger than Ryan, so to carry on the good clothes karma, I passed a lot of the still good clothes to him.

Out of each sizing of clothes I would keep 1-2 of my favorite outfits the boys had had as a sort of just in case. Plus I would set aside anything that had a special meaning. Fast forward a little bit and I find out I’m pregnant with the Belly. Even before I found out her gender I knew we would need more clothes. Then when I found out her gender the extent of new clothes we would need to buy just grew. I mean DSCN0083 copyseriously, I couldn’t put her in boy clothes. My mom has old pictures of me and my brother and you can see where my brother and I would be wearing some of the same outfits at different ages. My mom’s favorite set of these pictures is where we have on the same set of corduroys and a sweater. Cute, yes. But not what I wanted to do for the Belly Pie.

Now we get to today (figuratively and relatively), and the Belly is going through growth spurts faster than we can buy her new clothes. Seems like a year of not growing a lot is catching up on her all at once. And luck of luck, it’s catching up on her as it’s getting cold so clothes that fit are very much in need. When she started showing a fondness for wearing her brother’s shirts as sleep-shirts and around the house-shirts I quit just tossing all clothes of one size into a bag for that little boy, and started saving some for Miss Pie to use, but even so they’re big. This weekend I started going through the boys’ closet (HUGE mess – has never really been cleaned in the two years we’ve been here) and I found the top to Ryan’s favorite pajamas when he was two. (bottoms are still MIA) I set it aside for the Belly, and when she woke up this morning poopy through her diaper I put it on her along with a pair of blue sweats. She might not look automatically like a girl, but hey, at least she’s warm. Plus, I get a little chuckle out of seeing her dressed like Ryan. lol

Friday, November 12, 2010

Why my boys are the most awesome.

DSCN9721 copy
They will zap you with laser spoons.

DSCN9741 copy
They will contort their faces into odd looks of disgust.

DSCN9951 copy
They will steal my camera and take pictures of themselves making monkey faces.

DSCN9946 copy
And then they will make cute faces when Mommy steals the camera back.

DSCN9254 copy
They will pose together… so long as one can make fun of the other.

DSCN9410 copy
They are adorable when they pout.

DSCN9409 copy
They get way overly excited over simple things.

DSCN9427 copy
They know how to rock a kickin giant afro wig.

DSCN8795 copy
They know the importance of a proper pose.

DSCN9417 copy
Because they are the most awesome boys in the world and nothing YOU say will change that.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A quick photo contest entry.

…or two.


First my FOOD entry for The Paper Mama blog:
DSCN8331 copy
If that photo could talk it would say “Dat mine ry ca’e momma. Mine.”

And next…

My WINDOWS TO THE SOUL entry for A Sorta Fairy Tale:
DSCN8517 copy

**Gulp** Wish me luck, never entered any of these before.

Trish likes to journal.

I was given great advice ages ago when I was about twelve and freaking out at my mom for her reading my diary, “If you don’t want it read, don’t write it down.”

Now that philosophy is one I draw back on a ton now. When I was little the only real writing like that kids did was in journals, but nowadays kids have blogs, texting, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Some of the things I see younger kids write (I have a ton of teen and preteen friends on Facebook from kids I know at church and through my younger siblings) I have to stop and think “Really? You want the world to know that?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call my younger sister (14) and tell her she might want to rethink what she just posted to Facebook. One time she actually posted her cell number and said she’s bored and home alone she was open to anyone calling. I seriously went off on her for that.

As some of you might know, my brain filter – you know the one that says “Trish shut your freaking mouth!!” – it ain’t the best. lol I tend to speak/type things and then think of the consequences that might arise. Most of the time, I don’t care. Really, I don’t. I too get phone calls from relatives about things I should not post to Facebook. For example, my grandmother called and gave me a long lecture on why I should remove my status update that jokingly said I was going to beat the boys if they didn’t get to work on their room. For the record – I don’t beat my children. It was a joke, even ended with “lol.” Nor do I think any of my friends would take that remark seriously from me. But to make her happy I removed the update. 

There’s a down side though to people thinking they should filter their every thought and word.

I’m not sure how many of you know, but I’m like addicted to digital scrapbooking. I’ve been doing it for a bit over three years now. I think it’s a great way to be creative, preserve your memories, and express yourself. One of the main things I hear people have problems with is journaling on their pages. (For those not in the know – that would be writing the story that goes with the page.) That always stumps me. HOW can you have a problem with doing that? You just write down what you remember about what happened, or you write down the thoughts that go along with the idea of the page. But people have gotten so censored in what they think and do, wondering “Is that too sappy? Will it anger someone else? Will people think I’m a bad parent because I laughed and took the picture before I corrected my child?” That they can’t seem to do it. And yes, I do think this thought censoring is the problem scrappers have with journaling.

I don’t care what people will think when they read what I write on my pages.

I don’t.

I just want to be able to look back and remember WHY I wanted to record that memory. Why I chose THAT picture. WHAT that picture or event made me FEEL. I don’t make the pages for everyone else, I make them for me, thus, I don’t care what everyone else is going to think. Do I care if everyone and their momma might read what I wrote? No. It’s not because I’m brave (which I get told in comments on my pages - “Oh how brave of you to write all that down/share all of that!”), it’s because that’s who I am and what I think and I’m confident enough in myself to not care if someone else thinks it’s stupid, cheesy, or wrong of me.

Yeah some filtering of your thoughts is good, and yeah, there are some things you should not share, but sometimes you need to remove that filter and just be yourself.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sniffle, Cough, and Two Crock Pots

DSCN9916 copy

The Belly and I be sick.

Yup, again. It seems we live to be sick around this house. It’s our crowning moments.

We’ve (the Belly and I) been spending a lot of time like this the past few days. Until yesterday she’d been running a pretty impressive fever, along with a nasty cough, and even nastier green runny nose. Fever, thankfully, is gone so long as I can keep her calm. Cough and nose, however, refuse to leave. I think she may be teething too. No, scratch that. I know she is. Her bottom teeth are finally catching up to the top. So, as can be expected, she is a holy terror at the moment. Did not nap at all yesterday. I was one tired sick mommy. As for me, I got the low fever, nastier cough, and huge congestion. I was feeling ok until late yesterday morning when it hit me. Major suckage since I have a TON to get done around the house, and between feeling miserable and dealing with Belly being miserable I have accomplished nothing, and it’s kinda driving me slightly nuts since I got in the nasty habit of actually getting things done around the house in a timely fashion.

DSCN9918 copy

Onto the two crock pots now.

I got the second one from my mom right before I went out of town. She finally broke down and replaced the one she has had for years upon years, (One with green rim around top) and gave her old one to me since it’s a 1/2 gallon bigger than mine. This came in very handy today. I made a roast in mine the other night, knowing John, Belly, and I would not be able to eat the whole thing so that I could make vegetable beef stew one night this week with the leftovers. I got out the chicken Sunday night to start defrosting it to make fried chicken last night. Yeah, I was not up to making fried chicken last night, I nuked some frozen pizzas instead. Boils down to I had TWO things of meat that had to be eaten today. Thus, break out the second crock pot. Tonight my family will have a choice between vegetable beef stew and chicken noodle soup. Then I will just freeze whatever is left of both. But hey, my house is smelling incredibly yummy at the moment.

Monday, November 8, 2010

We won’t talk about that.

Yeah, the trip… it was a nightmare, so we won’t get into that. Not one little bit.

I missed the kiddos like crazy (though not why trip was bad), and by the end even Zach was missing me too. It was painful talking to Ryan at bedtime each night, he always sounded on the verge of tears. I got home late last Thursday so the boys didn’t know I was home until they got up Friday morning. Ryan cried a little, told me he missed me so so much, and kept hugging me. Zach just kept saying “I can’t believe you’re finally home!” I saw Belly later in the morning when I got to my mom’s. I don’t think the trip was too good for Belly. She’s been very clingy, was even more so before she got sick. (low fever, green snotty nose, and cough – same as me now) She freaks out if I even walk out of the room without her, and bedtime and naps have gotten to be a terror. She screams – a lot.

But I am so happy to be home with John and the kiddos, I missed them way way way more than I thought I would. I called John Monday night crying saying I was ready to come home. And not just for the missing them factor, the whole trip was just bad. I haven’t decided if I’ll share any pictures from it yet. Hell, I might just delete them all and rid myself of the memory.

(Oh the video is from this afternoon – I just felt like sharing it lol)

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010