Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It was a two tutu kind of day.

DSCN9193 A long long time ago, in a galaxy not quite so far away, lived a very silly princess. This princess, Princess Pudding, was, as mentioned before, silly; she was also very loving, kind, obnoxious, and cuddly. When Princess Pudding felt down or bad her favorite thing to do was to dress up in her prettiest silliest clothes. The more down she was the sillier she looked.

Today… alas, today Princess Pudding looked very, very silly indeed. Today Princess Pudding was feeling all the injustices of being not-quite-one-but-not-quite-two. Her brothers, Prince Zoo and Prince Wild, left to go learn how to kill space dragons before she woke up. Her daddy, King Daddy, had gone off to rule the galaxy while she was still in bed. And that was just NOT fair. How can a princess be a proper princess when her family does not give her bye-kisses? She can’t.

Then, to make matters worse, when her mommy, Queen Mommy, came to get her out of bed, her mommy said Princess Pudding smelled bad. Princesses are not supposed to stink. Queen Mommy had to know that, she must have just wanted to hurt Princess Pudding’s feelings. Queen Mommy was just unfair and cruel all morning. She would not let her eat a biscuit while her diaper was being changed. And she would not let her rub oatmeal in her princess hair. She wouldn’t let the princess wear her fairy wings while eating, and she wouldn’t let her have her paci either. DSCN9188

After breakfast Princess Pudding said enough was enough – and that she was in charge. She tried screaming at Queen Mommy, but she was not only ignored – Queen Mommy put Princess Pudding in the hall by herself!!! When screaming “No Momma!” over in the hallway over and over did not make Queen Mommy come back Princess Pudding decided to throw herself down on the floor. That was not a good idea. She did not know Prince Zoo left blocks right where she was planning to fling herself. When Princess Pudding started crying because she was hurt Queen Mommy ran and scooped her right up and kissed her boo-boo.

Queen Mommy put Princess Pudding in her favorite tutu, gave her an extra kiss, and told her it was time for all princesses to start behaving. Princess Pudding thought maybe it was time too. Princess Pudding watched some shows on the magic box, drew some magnificent illustrations with her parchment and magic color sticks, and talked to her magical pig. And then it happened again… the force was disturbed in Princess Pudding’s day. She had been laying on the floor and her royal dog accidentally stepped on her leg when she ran to the door. Princess Pudding laid and she cried. Queen Mommy picked her up, gave her kisses, and told her she’d be OK. Princess Pudding knew she would not be OK, Queen Mommy was wrong. Princess Pudding went to her room to cry, and came back out with her other tutu. Queen Mommy laughed and put the second tutu on top of the first, and told Princess Pudding she was such a “silly little pudding-pie.”

But the second tutu worked, and the silliness of the two tutus together worked to make everything right in Princess Pudding’s day. And it stayed OK. And it was good.


Nicole Montgomery said...

This had to have been the best thing i've read in a long while. Thanks got the giggle fits!

Anna said...