Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (10/30)

What to do? What to do?

It’s been two and a half months since I have shared any pages, and most unfortunately… I have been busy making pages. lol So…. we come to my dilemma. There is no way I am just posting them all… that’s 32 pages. And I really don’t want to just link all those pages up either. Do I just not share any except my favorites from last week? Or do I share my favorites from the whole time????

I think what I should do is post my favorites from this week, and then I’ll link up thumbnails of my favorites from the rest of the time. Sound good to you?

TRISH-SOSN1026-uncooperativemade with Label It Up and A Midwinter's Flight by Amy Martin; Autumn Lane by Emily Merrit, A Stitchy Mess by Valorie Wibbens; and Don't "Leaf", Pumpkin Pickin', and An Open Book - The Collection by Karah Fredricks

TRISH-SOSN1026-valentineoct16made with Sketches: Spacey Mini v10 by Amy Martin, A Piece of My Heart Mini Kit by Karah Fredricks, and Fingerpaint Frenzy and Random Type by CD Muckosky

TRISH-SOSN1026-dontdohalloweenmade with Boogly Eyes by Jacque Larsen, Clippings [define: halloween] by Lauren Reid, Orna(mental) Alpha Bundle by Allison Pennington, Calendar TidBits by Jenna Desai, Autumn Lane by Emily Merritt - background paper, and Splatterific 12 by Karah Fredricks

trish-FF1028-rockingthoseglasses(made for the October Template Challenge @ TLP) made with When Nerds Rule the World by Emily Merritt, Penelope Alpha by Lauren Reid, Teeny Type Too by CD Muckosky, DJB Shirley by Darcy Baldwin (font), and Journaling Bling by Jenn Barrette

And clickable thumbnails of my favorites from my absence:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Snapshots (10/29)


((shhh… I actually didn’t take a single picture last week except for my tummy shot, so this is actually from last Saturday at the Lowe’s Build and Grow workshop))

Monday, October 24, 2011

3 handfuls and a spoon.

We have a pumpkin carving rule in this house – Mommy and Daddy will not do this grossness alone. So we developed a rule of three handfuls and a spoon. The rule says everyone must take a handful out of the first pumpkin’s guts, and then two out of their own. They also have to help loosen the insides with spoons. If they don’t – we don’t carve their pumpkin. It’s pretty simple and straightforward and we don’t bend it for anyone. For example, Zach almost didn’t get to do his pumpkin last night because he was absolutely refusing to stick his hand in any pumpkin for any number of times.

And yeah… in case you couldn’t figure it out – this is all leading up to pumpkin carving pictures. lol

Drawing the faces to go on the pumpkins:

20111023-DSCN0072 copy20111023-DSCN0073 copy20111023-DSCN0074 copy

John carving the tops of the pumpkins. I swear, *I* did the first pumpkin. Me, not him. He even took a picture – and I guess he must have deleted it… But I swear I’m not lying. He took over because he said I took way too long.



20111023-DSCN0080 copy20111023-DSCN0103 copy20111023-DSCN0093 copy

Oh lookie, a few pictures of me looking all top-heavy and chubby thanks to bad angles and position. Why is it no one can take decent pregnancy pictures of me???

20111023-DSCN0098 copy20111023-DSCN0115 copy

Now the finished pumpkins! (order – Belly, Ryan, and Zach)

20111023-DSCN0131 copy

And… the kiddos!

20111023-DSCN0138 copy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It’s a…

Though I honestly think everyone must know by now since I’ve been trumpeting the news since I found out yesterday….


And there was absolutely no doubt about it. As soon as the doctor put the wand on the goo on my stomach our son’s junk was right there on the screen. The doctor said “Well, that was easy. Do you know what that is?” My response (looking over at John) “That’s John losing a bet to me and Zach.”

We looked at the baby for a while, but really the ultrasound was more just to check to see the gender and the heartbeat (since I can’t really or consistently feel the baby yet). I go back again November 9th for my really long in-depth ultrasound to do all the organ measurements and such.

Here are the two ultrasound pictures we got (though they aren’t too great). One’s the money-shot, the other is an upside down profile. As well as… the baby’s name!

And me as of first thing this morning:

20111020-DSCN0042 copy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So it’s been a month.

And this time it’s not my fault for not posting.

See it all came down to this dilemma for several weeks in a row. Did we want cable/internet or did we want ___________. Usually groceries, paying house note, or buying tags went in the blank. So see, not my fault, we were being, like, good responsible parents and stuff. Friday John went and got it all turned back on, which was awesome good since I forgot how much regular channels suck. Oh and I did severely miss getting online on my computer (with it’s awesome huge screen) and actually being home during the day. (I’ve been spending my days at my mom’s on her laptop. lol)

So how about an update?

The boys have been good…ish. lo. For some reason they are both having some serious school issues this year.

Ryan’s behavior at school makes his normal over-excited and active behavior in K4 seem tame. The boy has seriously moved his clip almost every single day this year. And to make up for the days that he doesn’t move his clip, there are the days every 2ish weeks where he moves his clip two to three times in one day alone. We’ve been going crazy trying to figure out how to get that boy to behave and listen to his teacher in class. I am seriously dreading parent-teacher conferences next week. ((gulp))

I got called in to meet with Zach’s teacher two weeks ago. I won’t go into why, but it wasn’t very nice. She very politely hinted that we might consider getting him tested for ADD, since we’re getting Ryan tested for ADHD, plus, of course she taught John and knows he has both. I very strongly told her no. One year of bad, bored, and easily distracted behavior is not enough to me to get him tested when he’s never shown even the slightest signs of it before.

They were on Fall Break last week and completely and utterly drove me and Belly bat-poop crazy. That’s my own fault though for letting them spend the weekend before at my Dad’s. They always come home from there acting as if they have no manners at all.


After a month long break from the blog it would be awesome to come on here and post that Belly is now fully potty trained.

Well, she’s not.

She knows what to do, almost never has accidents when wearing underwear, but she still won’t pee in the potty, she just holds it in all day, or if you try to make her go on the potty she screams, cries, and then has an accident when you take her off the toilet. I know it means she’s just not ready, but I would like to call “LIAR” to all those people who told me with the boys that potty-training girls were so much easier.

She’s finally learned how to say her name. It’s so cute hearing her say it. She pronounces it “Buhwa.” And speaking of cute… everything is cute. Literally. It’s her new word. I hear all day long “Buhwa cute. PIG cute. Fwog boots cute. Zachy cute. Mommy cute. Scahwet cute. Sip cute.” I think you should get the point. Cute is getting pretty dang old. You know what else is getting old? These two questions “Where’s….?” and “What’s that?” She thinks it’s hilarious to ask you those about the same thing 20 times in a row.

All in all though, she’s doing pretty dang good.


I’m now a touch over 17 weeks!! And… tomorrow morning I go in to the doctor’s to hopefully find out the baby’s gender!!! That means if you tune in tomorrow not only will you see the gender announcement – which by the way is totally cute – you will also get to see the new baby’s name, AND see the blog’s new name!

Mommy-wise, I’m feeling OK. I’ve finally stopped puking, but the heartburn is getting worse. The headaches are getting a little better, but I’m already starting to have troubles breathing. And to top it all off if I stand up and do for more than about 15 minutes I start getting some serious pains. Oh and I’ve also gained 13 pounds already. ((gulp)) But seriously, it does feel like it’s going a lot better right now. I just wish I could really feel the baby already. I’ve only felt two strong kicks. Mostly it’s still barely feel-able flutters, and sometimes a pressure like the baby is leaning right up against the inside of me.

Well, that’s about all for the update right now. See you tomorrow for the baby’s gender and name.