Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (10/30)

What to do? What to do?

It’s been two and a half months since I have shared any pages, and most unfortunately… I have been busy making pages. lol So…. we come to my dilemma. There is no way I am just posting them all… that’s 32 pages. And I really don’t want to just link all those pages up either. Do I just not share any except my favorites from last week? Or do I share my favorites from the whole time????

I think what I should do is post my favorites from this week, and then I’ll link up thumbnails of my favorites from the rest of the time. Sound good to you?

TRISH-SOSN1026-uncooperativemade with Label It Up and A Midwinter's Flight by Amy Martin; Autumn Lane by Emily Merrit, A Stitchy Mess by Valorie Wibbens; and Don't "Leaf", Pumpkin Pickin', and An Open Book - The Collection by Karah Fredricks

TRISH-SOSN1026-valentineoct16made with Sketches: Spacey Mini v10 by Amy Martin, A Piece of My Heart Mini Kit by Karah Fredricks, and Fingerpaint Frenzy and Random Type by CD Muckosky

TRISH-SOSN1026-dontdohalloweenmade with Boogly Eyes by Jacque Larsen, Clippings [define: halloween] by Lauren Reid, Orna(mental) Alpha Bundle by Allison Pennington, Calendar TidBits by Jenna Desai, Autumn Lane by Emily Merritt - background paper, and Splatterific 12 by Karah Fredricks

trish-FF1028-rockingthoseglasses(made for the October Template Challenge @ TLP) made with When Nerds Rule the World by Emily Merritt, Penelope Alpha by Lauren Reid, Teeny Type Too by CD Muckosky, DJB Shirley by Darcy Baldwin (font), and Journaling Bling by Jenn Barrette

And clickable thumbnails of my favorites from my absence:

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