Thursday, October 20, 2011

It’s a…

Though I honestly think everyone must know by now since I’ve been trumpeting the news since I found out yesterday….


And there was absolutely no doubt about it. As soon as the doctor put the wand on the goo on my stomach our son’s junk was right there on the screen. The doctor said “Well, that was easy. Do you know what that is?” My response (looking over at John) “That’s John losing a bet to me and Zach.”

We looked at the baby for a while, but really the ultrasound was more just to check to see the gender and the heartbeat (since I can’t really or consistently feel the baby yet). I go back again November 9th for my really long in-depth ultrasound to do all the organ measurements and such.

Here are the two ultrasound pictures we got (though they aren’t too great). One’s the money-shot, the other is an upside down profile. As well as… the baby’s name!

And me as of first thing this morning:

20111020-DSCN0042 copy

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naz said...

Huge congrats Trish!! So excited for you! And I like the name you picked, did the children helped in picking? Again congrats!!