Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Of clips and breastfeeding and sleeping alone.

First off, sorry again for the sabbatical. I guess I just really need to find new blogging time, and I promise to get back to normal soon.   

mmmmmbbbbb (<---that’s courtesy of Belly, shouldn’t have walked away with the computer on lol)

Ryan has had some trouble adjusting to school, like some serious trouble. I know it was hard for him last year too, but this year seems to be almost impossible. In the few weeks he’s been back in school he’s only not moved his clip 4 days. All the other days he’s moved it at least once, and at least once a week he’ll move it 2-3 times during the day. He’s already been put in the seat away from everyone else. I’ve still not met his teacher yet. I’m really thinking I should.

(Oh and of course Zach is almost always perfectly good at school. sigh. If I have to hear that boy bragging to his brother one more time about how he didn’t move his clip I may scream.

I keep having dreams about breastfeeding. I think deep down my heart is saying “But Trish!!! You know you want to give it another go! You love breastfeeding your babies!” Seriously out of the past week, 5 nights I’ve had dreams about it. Right now, I’m still on the fence about it, I just can’t make up my mind what I want to do. I also think the dreams might be triggered by the fact that not only have I already gone up a cup size, but my chest has that sore, deep achy, full feeling they get when I do breastfeeding and it’s almost time for another feeding. The next part of this post probably factors in pretty heavily in the dreams too.

A certain little girl is refusing to sleep alone. As in flat out refusing. She won’t even try. She lays on the floor between the gate across her doorway and her door. She wouldn’t end up going to sleep until like 11 or 12 at night. The past few nights I’ve just been giving in and putting her in bed with me when I go to bed, and she ends up going right to sleep. When John comes to bed he’ll either put the sleeping Belly back in her bed, or just leave her there between us.

We’re pretty sure the reason that Belly has been wanting to sleep with us is because she doesn’t like being in her room all alone – especially since everyone else in the house gets to share a room with someone else. Huh, guess it’s a good thing she’ll be sharing with the new baby come March.

Added to Belly sleeping in our bed with us, Ryan has also been coming and getting in bed with us at about 3 in the morning every morning and spending the rest of his night sleeping curled into me. I told John that we have to do something about this, because there is no way that me, him, the new baby, Belly, and Ryan will all be able to sleep in bed together.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you the type of blogger…?

Are you the type of blogger, who when you have something exciting to post about, but can’t share the news yet, that you just don’t blog?

I’m totally that type of blogger.

I’ve been sitting on some news for a few weeks now, but was waiting to share it here until I announced it everywhere…. and I made that announcement today via Facebook (after actually telling certain family members first lol)… so I can now share the news here too!


I’m having a baby!!

You might remember that not too long ago I talked about how I was so done, and so done with people telling me I needed to have another, well obviously that didn’t quite work out. lol After the initial “Oh ****!” reaction, and once the news sunk in with John we decided to be happy and excited about the news. Really, I mean unless I just want to be angry the next several months there’s nothing else to do. lol

I’m feeling pretty so-so right now physically. I don’t have constant all day everyday morning sickness like I did with Belly and Zach, but I do have all day nausea that doesn’t take much prodding to have me puking up my guts. I’m also beyond drained physically by the end of the day. Add in the always fun heartburn, constipation, and emotional mood swings of the deranged and you get a pretty good picture of me right now.

We haven’t told the kids yet, we’re still working out how. But all of our family and friends seem to be really happy for us (for once).

Oh and I guess I should add that I’m due March 23rd.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Scrapbooking (8/14)

I actually woke up this morning and realized that I didn’t have a single page to share this week. This week has been tough on me physically with exhaustion, Belly being a two year old terror, and having to walk every day in the heat to pick up the boys. I was hoping to get a page or two done this weekend, but have been gone both days all day. So as I much as I didn’t want to not post this two weeks in a row, I was thinking I would probably skip this week.

Then I came home from taking my mom grocery shopping (which is an all day ordeal – lol) to an email.

A few weeks ago those of us on Studio Rosey Posey’s team were asked to make a page for Studio Maya’s Frank & Alice Post Script Collection. There is a great story behind this collection and if you want to read it you can read about it here. Well, I got the email today that it was now up in the store over at Scrapbook Graphics, so tah-dah! I have a page to share. lol

And finally, here’s the page:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Snapshots (8/13)

20110811-DSCN0274 copy

And a note to self – before you start cussing at your picture, because you can’t find your picture, make sure you've actually saved it anywhere first.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Too much too quickly

photo from here via Pinterest

Seriously. I am worn the duck out.

So many of you might not know that I have basically been car-less since May when the boys got out of school. My tags went out in June, but right before they went out we got a letter saying we did something wrong with the insurance on the van and now it was no longer covered. We were in a conundrum. What to take care of first? Well, John was set that before anything, we should straighten out the mess with the insurance. Turns out we would end up just having to get new insurance on it… yay for spending a lot of money! ((sarcasm)) After that chunk we had to wait a while before we had a week go by where we had $80+ to spend on new tags.

Finally, I could drive my van again!

Or not.

The one time I got to finally drive it, it was to go pick up John who had gotten a flat, and was already apparently using his spare. ((cough – my spare from my van)) A closer inspection of the remaining tires showed huge wear on them, one looked like it was about to go any day. Now John needed four new tires. Yeah… new insurance on the van wiped out most of our emergency money and it would be a while before we could afford new tires. ((especially when some idiot goes and spend $130 from his house-note week check on a new headset to play Black Ops with – but we won’t get into that right now)) So John had to drive my van to and from work.

Yesterday we got a huge blessing because of my younger brother’s crappy driving. He’s about to go off to college, so my parents put four brand-spanking-new tires on his van. He’s a crappy driver as yesterday he got into his 4th wreck since he got his license in March. Meaning the boy has now totaled a second car. ((shake head)) My step-dad told John he could have the tires off my brother’s van for $300, just to pay him back as he can.

Now I really can drive my van again!!!

Now I don’t want to. lol

I literally spent almost all of today driving my younger brother around, then my younger brother and sister, and then the boys. I wish my van was in the Trish-can-not-drive category again. I’m sure once Monday comes around and I don’t have to walk with Belly to the boys’ school to pick them up again I’ll enjoy driving again. Right now, not so much.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The first day of school

…several days later. lol

The morning went pretty smoothly at first. The boys both got up and going well without much arguing or fighting. Zach wasn’t going in until later (because of his doctor’s appointment – turns out he has swimmer’s ear), but we still had him get up and get ready with Ryan. I even had them go outside together before taking Ryan to school to get pictures.

20110809-DSCN0165 copy

Yeah the pictures pretty much followed that theme of silliness. lol

20110809-DSCN0173 copy
Zach said his first day was really good. He said his teacher seems really nice, and apparently her first year teaching she taught John’s 5th grade class. She’s pretty excited to have Zach since he’s the first student she’s had who is the child of one of her former students. Two boys from his Cubs Scouts group are in his class, which he is pretty happy about since none of his friends from his class last year are in class with him. He also loves that his class gets TWO recesses during the day, and during one of them they get to (finally) go on the big kid playground. There is one change he doesn’t particularly like right now. Since our financial forms still haven’t gone through he’s eating breakfast at home, and apparently that means he has to wait in the gym until 7:30 instead of the cafeteria which is what he’s always done before. I told him this would probably go back to normal once he starts eating breakfast at school again.

20110809-DSCN0178 copy
Today is actually only Ryan’s second day of Kindergarten. Kindergarten classes follow the same staggered schedule as the K4 classes the first week of school. The first three days only 1/3 of the class comes in, then on Thursday and Friday 1/2 comes in. He went his first day Tuesday with his third, and today he goes with half. He can’t make up his mind if any of his friends from last year are in his class. lol Sometimes he says his friend Caleb is, sometimes he says he’s not. I told him not to worry about it yet, he’ll know if any of his friends are in there on Monday. He says he made a new friend named Cannon. In his words “It’s Cannon, but not like what’s on a pirate ship, but like the human kind.” lol He told me his teacher is really nice, but not too nice, apparently she did get mad at the class once. He was pretty proud of himself for not getting in trouble, he was even able to get something out of the treat box.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why, hello blog!

(sickeningly sweet baby talk voice) Did you miss me? Yes you did! Yes you did you silly little blog!

Sorry for my completely unplanned hiatus. I have two main times during the day I blog, Belly’s naptime, and later later at night before bed. Well, my internet has been going down everyday around naptime, and I’m totally not making it to even 10 pm most nights. Thus there was a lot of “Oh I’ll just go to bed and blog tomorrow”s going through my head that were never actually getting followed through.

Is my internet better now? (le sigh) Who knows. Right now it is, but that is never any consolation. And the only reason I’m even up right now (cause my body and brain are screaming “BED”) is because John is still at the gym. Figured I’d might as well take advantage of this time to blog.

Last week was hectic. I can’t exactly pin down how, but I remember it being very hectic. Plus we had to go and meet the the boys’ teachers last week. We got to the school only to find out Ryan’s wasn’t until 1… no the teacher and school never sent home anything with that time. John ended up going back with Ryan at one, and yes, if you’re thinking “Ha ha ha! I bet you learned absolutely nothing about the teacher from him meeting her!” you’d be right. His summary “she seems OK.” Did he warn her about Ryan and Ryan’s… err… outgoing behavior? No. Because why would he want to frighten prepare her?
20110803-DSCN0148 copy
the boys getting ready to go meet their teachers - and yes Ryan does have a boo-boo on his nose lol
Consider that as last week’s snapshot. lol

I had two sick kids today. The consensus was that Zach and Belly’s pukes were due to the fishsticks they ate for dinner last night. Huge brand new box now in the garbage. Yes, Zach did miss his first official day of Second Grade because of it. He’ll be late tomorrow because he has a doctor’s appointment for an ear infection. Ryan’s first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow. He’s not sure if he’s excited or not.

Belly is great and good. Other than being sick with Zach today I don’t really have anything new to say about her. lol

Last week’s pages thumbnail style. Just click them to see them bigger.
Well, that’s all for tonight. (as far as I can remember…) I’ll be back sometime tomorrow with how the boys’ first official day of school went.

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