Friday, August 12, 2011

Too much too quickly

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Seriously. I am worn the duck out.

So many of you might not know that I have basically been car-less since May when the boys got out of school. My tags went out in June, but right before they went out we got a letter saying we did something wrong with the insurance on the van and now it was no longer covered. We were in a conundrum. What to take care of first? Well, John was set that before anything, we should straighten out the mess with the insurance. Turns out we would end up just having to get new insurance on it… yay for spending a lot of money! ((sarcasm)) After that chunk we had to wait a while before we had a week go by where we had $80+ to spend on new tags.

Finally, I could drive my van again!

Or not.

The one time I got to finally drive it, it was to go pick up John who had gotten a flat, and was already apparently using his spare. ((cough – my spare from my van)) A closer inspection of the remaining tires showed huge wear on them, one looked like it was about to go any day. Now John needed four new tires. Yeah… new insurance on the van wiped out most of our emergency money and it would be a while before we could afford new tires. ((especially when some idiot goes and spend $130 from his house-note week check on a new headset to play Black Ops with – but we won’t get into that right now)) So John had to drive my van to and from work.

Yesterday we got a huge blessing because of my younger brother’s crappy driving. He’s about to go off to college, so my parents put four brand-spanking-new tires on his van. He’s a crappy driver as yesterday he got into his 4th wreck since he got his license in March. Meaning the boy has now totaled a second car. ((shake head)) My step-dad told John he could have the tires off my brother’s van for $300, just to pay him back as he can.

Now I really can drive my van again!!!

Now I don’t want to. lol

I literally spent almost all of today driving my younger brother around, then my younger brother and sister, and then the boys. I wish my van was in the Trish-can-not-drive category again. I’m sure once Monday comes around and I don’t have to walk with Belly to the boys’ school to pick them up again I’ll enjoy driving again. Right now, not so much.

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joelsgirl said...

I love it! Maybe you can pull the pregnant card some. After all, you never know when a migraine might strike, and that situation sounds like a migraine waiting to happen. ; )