Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Of clips and breastfeeding and sleeping alone.

First off, sorry again for the sabbatical. I guess I just really need to find new blogging time, and I promise to get back to normal soon.   

mmmmmbbbbb (<---that’s courtesy of Belly, shouldn’t have walked away with the computer on lol)

Ryan has had some trouble adjusting to school, like some serious trouble. I know it was hard for him last year too, but this year seems to be almost impossible. In the few weeks he’s been back in school he’s only not moved his clip 4 days. All the other days he’s moved it at least once, and at least once a week he’ll move it 2-3 times during the day. He’s already been put in the seat away from everyone else. I’ve still not met his teacher yet. I’m really thinking I should.

(Oh and of course Zach is almost always perfectly good at school. sigh. If I have to hear that boy bragging to his brother one more time about how he didn’t move his clip I may scream.

I keep having dreams about breastfeeding. I think deep down my heart is saying “But Trish!!! You know you want to give it another go! You love breastfeeding your babies!” Seriously out of the past week, 5 nights I’ve had dreams about it. Right now, I’m still on the fence about it, I just can’t make up my mind what I want to do. I also think the dreams might be triggered by the fact that not only have I already gone up a cup size, but my chest has that sore, deep achy, full feeling they get when I do breastfeeding and it’s almost time for another feeding. The next part of this post probably factors in pretty heavily in the dreams too.

A certain little girl is refusing to sleep alone. As in flat out refusing. She won’t even try. She lays on the floor between the gate across her doorway and her door. She wouldn’t end up going to sleep until like 11 or 12 at night. The past few nights I’ve just been giving in and putting her in bed with me when I go to bed, and she ends up going right to sleep. When John comes to bed he’ll either put the sleeping Belly back in her bed, or just leave her there between us.

We’re pretty sure the reason that Belly has been wanting to sleep with us is because she doesn’t like being in her room all alone – especially since everyone else in the house gets to share a room with someone else. Huh, guess it’s a good thing she’ll be sharing with the new baby come March.

Added to Belly sleeping in our bed with us, Ryan has also been coming and getting in bed with us at about 3 in the morning every morning and spending the rest of his night sleeping curled into me. I told John that we have to do something about this, because there is no way that me, him, the new baby, Belly, and Ryan will all be able to sleep in bed together.

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