Friday, September 2, 2011

It’s a sandstorm! It’s a sandstorm!


We I told the boys about the baby the other day.

I had to just go ahead and tell them without John (who kept putting off and putting off when we should tell them) because my youngest son – Ryan – greatly offended my sensibilities.

We had all just gotten home from picking the boys up from school and I was hot and uncomfortable in the clothes I had to squeeze into to wear. As soon as the kids were in the house I went straight back to the back of the house and changed back into my comfy clothes. Ryan walked in as I was putting the shirt on and he then proclaims that I am getting fat. I was like, uh… no. And he was all “Oh yes you are! You have a tummy like me, you aren’t all skinny like Zach anymore.” Obviously I could not let my son think I was getting fat. Of course I had to decide to tell him and Zach what was up.

I sat the boys (and Belly since she wanted to be included) on the couch and brought out the ultrasound pictures. I started with Zach first.
“Zach, do you remember what these pictures are?”
”Uh, aren’t they pictures of your tummy?”
”Good. Do you remember what was in my tummy last time we got these pictures?”
”Bella, right?”
”Yup, that’s right.”
”So…. those are new pictures of Bella in your tummy??”
”No Zach, because Bella is most obviously not in my tummy anymore.”

20110902-DSCN7151 copyI moved to Ryan next.
”Ryan baby, do you know what these are pictures of?”
”Uh…. oh, I know!!”
”Really? Well what is it?”
”It’s a sandstorm!!”
”No babe, it’s not a sandstorm.”
”Yes, it is! I know it is. It’s a sandstorm!”
”No, it’s really not.”
”You’re just wrong mom.”

Obviously my plan was not working.

I pulled both the boys closer to me and pointed to the baby-blob in the ultrasounds. I used the semi-clearer not so close up one and asked the boys:
”Do you see this? This blob? If you look really close it looks like it has a head. And you see these bumps on it right here? They look a little like teeny tiny arms and legs. So this long part would be like the actual body. Can y’all see those?”

The boys both said that yes, they could see all of that so I looked at them and said:
”Now think about all of those parts we just talked about and tell me what you think this is a picture of.”

And they then answered – at the same time:
”A new baby?” – Zach
”A sandstorm!” – Ryan

Once I finally convinced Ryan that it was indeed a baby, and not in any way shape or form a sandstorm, he was so excited. He’s going around telling everyone he knows that we’re having a new baby and he’s going to get a new baby brother or sister. Zach is still holding out judgment, but he says he’ll be just OK so long as we don’t make him share his room with the new baby too.

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Pom said...

I totally LOLed at Ryan offending your sensibilities. :)