Monday, September 12, 2011

#1. The order things are done in.

Trying out a new idea for days I have nothing to blog about. I actually did something similar last year when I went to Arizona and scheduled my blog posts.


Him – “Why is Auntie Katie getting married if she just had a baby?”
Me – “She didn’t just have a baby. Elizabeth is almost one now.”

Him – “So why is she getting married?”
Me – “Because most people actually get married before they start having babies.”

Him – “But you and Daddy didn’t get married until after we had Bella.”
Me – “No, we got married after we had Ryan. We had to make sure we liked both of you enough to get stuck together with you and take the chance there may be more one day.”

Him – (quiet for several minutes while thinking) “Huh, I guess y’all like us then.”

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Pom said...

I just love how Zach's smile is so sweet and Belly looks a bit worried in the picture. LOL