Thursday, August 11, 2011

The first day of school

…several days later. lol

The morning went pretty smoothly at first. The boys both got up and going well without much arguing or fighting. Zach wasn’t going in until later (because of his doctor’s appointment – turns out he has swimmer’s ear), but we still had him get up and get ready with Ryan. I even had them go outside together before taking Ryan to school to get pictures.

20110809-DSCN0165 copy

Yeah the pictures pretty much followed that theme of silliness. lol

20110809-DSCN0173 copy
Zach said his first day was really good. He said his teacher seems really nice, and apparently her first year teaching she taught John’s 5th grade class. She’s pretty excited to have Zach since he’s the first student she’s had who is the child of one of her former students. Two boys from his Cubs Scouts group are in his class, which he is pretty happy about since none of his friends from his class last year are in class with him. He also loves that his class gets TWO recesses during the day, and during one of them they get to (finally) go on the big kid playground. There is one change he doesn’t particularly like right now. Since our financial forms still haven’t gone through he’s eating breakfast at home, and apparently that means he has to wait in the gym until 7:30 instead of the cafeteria which is what he’s always done before. I told him this would probably go back to normal once he starts eating breakfast at school again.

20110809-DSCN0178 copy
Today is actually only Ryan’s second day of Kindergarten. Kindergarten classes follow the same staggered schedule as the K4 classes the first week of school. The first three days only 1/3 of the class comes in, then on Thursday and Friday 1/2 comes in. He went his first day Tuesday with his third, and today he goes with half. He can’t make up his mind if any of his friends from last year are in his class. lol Sometimes he says his friend Caleb is, sometimes he says he’s not. I told him not to worry about it yet, he’ll know if any of his friends are in there on Monday. He says he made a new friend named Cannon. In his words “It’s Cannon, but not like what’s on a pirate ship, but like the human kind.” lol He told me his teacher is really nice, but not too nice, apparently she did get mad at the class once. He was pretty proud of himself for not getting in trouble, he was even able to get something out of the treat box.

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