Monday, August 8, 2011

Why, hello blog!

(sickeningly sweet baby talk voice) Did you miss me? Yes you did! Yes you did you silly little blog!

Sorry for my completely unplanned hiatus. I have two main times during the day I blog, Belly’s naptime, and later later at night before bed. Well, my internet has been going down everyday around naptime, and I’m totally not making it to even 10 pm most nights. Thus there was a lot of “Oh I’ll just go to bed and blog tomorrow”s going through my head that were never actually getting followed through.

Is my internet better now? (le sigh) Who knows. Right now it is, but that is never any consolation. And the only reason I’m even up right now (cause my body and brain are screaming “BED”) is because John is still at the gym. Figured I’d might as well take advantage of this time to blog.

Last week was hectic. I can’t exactly pin down how, but I remember it being very hectic. Plus we had to go and meet the the boys’ teachers last week. We got to the school only to find out Ryan’s wasn’t until 1… no the teacher and school never sent home anything with that time. John ended up going back with Ryan at one, and yes, if you’re thinking “Ha ha ha! I bet you learned absolutely nothing about the teacher from him meeting her!” you’d be right. His summary “she seems OK.” Did he warn her about Ryan and Ryan’s… err… outgoing behavior? No. Because why would he want to frighten prepare her?
20110803-DSCN0148 copy
the boys getting ready to go meet their teachers - and yes Ryan does have a boo-boo on his nose lol
Consider that as last week’s snapshot. lol

I had two sick kids today. The consensus was that Zach and Belly’s pukes were due to the fishsticks they ate for dinner last night. Huge brand new box now in the garbage. Yes, Zach did miss his first official day of Second Grade because of it. He’ll be late tomorrow because he has a doctor’s appointment for an ear infection. Ryan’s first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow. He’s not sure if he’s excited or not.

Belly is great and good. Other than being sick with Zach today I don’t really have anything new to say about her. lol

Last week’s pages thumbnail style. Just click them to see them bigger.
Well, that’s all for tonight. (as far as I can remember…) I’ll be back sometime tomorrow with how the boys’ first official day of school went.

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