Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skulls can be pretty too!

Well, they can! And they can be girly to boot… without adding stupid bows to them. Let me show you this absolutely adorable dress that was handmade by SIGnature Creations. When Astrid (the owner/creator/goddess of fabric) posted the burp clothes made with the Dia de los Muertos fabric I had a mini-heart stutter. I’d been roaming Etsy looking for cute skull fabric dresses using those types of skulls. I love the colors and designs to them. The only problem was no one was making toddler dresses or outfits with them. And all the outfits for older kids I found using them were getting close to $200. I was in dread of never getting the Belly anything with these beautiful patterns.

I’d already been toying with the idea of ordering Belly a dress from Astrid, I was thinking more traditionally Halloween-y as I hate toddler costumes for Halloween so I was just going to order her a festive dress to trick or treat in. But as soon as I saw that fabric I knew THAT was what I wanted. When Astrid told me the price ($40 including shipping – which is actually a really good deal) I was afraid John would veto the dress… which was likely anyway since John did not share the opinion that any skulls could possibly be cute on his daughter. However, Astrid agreed to let me go ahead and place the order she’d just wait to start it till I payed. So I used my Shabby Princess payment, came in the 1st of September, to pay the bulk of the $40 and John agreed to let me use from $15 from checking. That makes 19ish days from the time I paid until the dress came in. Considering she works on several orders at a time, has triplets, and had to ship it, really the payment to arrival time wasn’t bad at all.

The dress… it is just freaking gorgeous. I love it. And Belly loves it too. She screamed at me when I took it off of her. When we got to my mom’s yesterday to show her the dress, Belly had gotten to the point where she was lifting up the whole front of the skirt to get a better look at it. At the store the dress got TONS of compliments. And I do mean a lot. It got a few funny looks too, but mostly compliments.

Well here it is!


Nicole Montgomery said...

That is gorgeous!

Gabbina said...

I ♥ so much those skulls... and she's a doll!