Monday, September 27, 2010

When you’re sick.

When you’re sick you need:

  • a comfy couch to lay on
  • lots of comfy pillows to prop yourself up
  • your most favoritest blanket
  • a good book
  • all remotes within easy reach of comfy couch
  • soup and crackers


When you’re sick you need condensed soup. Forget about all those grown up style soups. Condensed is best when you’re sick. Reminds you of your mommy/grandmother taking care of you when you felt bad. (Unless you were lucky enough to have a mommy/grandmother nice enough to actually MAKE you real from scratch soup which mine would on occasion do.)

My mommy/grandmother believed condensed Chicken Noodle Soup was the go-to cure for everything… except sore throats. If you had a sore throat you needed condensed Tomato. It was warm salty and felt oh so good on your ouchy throat. I even have my own sick-soup cup.


I am set for this sick day.

1 comment:

Nicole Montgomery said...

That cup has seen some sick days huh?