Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day, Surprises, Shots, and Flooding

(The title isn’t in order. lol It just sounds better that way.)

DSCN0337 copy

I hate surprises.

Because of that, when John called me Friday and told me that all three kiddos would be doing sleepover – whether they wanted to or not – at my mom’s I was on the suspicious side. John doesn’t make plans for the kids to do sleepover; he makes plans for the kids not to do sleepover. I tried calling my mom to find out what was up and she had no clue.

Saturday John woke me up at 8 am. He said we needed to get up eat, and get ready for an early day. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but I doubt anyone appreciates the depths of what I’m about to say. I. Am. NOT. A. Morning. Person. Expecting me to get up and do anything is, well, stupid. lol Despite what John and my mom kept telling me about cheering up, that I was in for a surprise, I remained in a bad mood. I kept that bad mood up when the first part of the plan got cancelled due to rain, then in a worse mood when I first spent an hour in Taco Bell then an hour in Walgreen’s as John tried to kill time.

We eventually arrived downtown and that is when John sprang his surprise. For Mother’s Day he got us tickets to go see Spamalot. (He knows I’ve wanted to see it since it came out) I felt so bad for being angry at him a good chunk of the day, especially since I know there is no way in hell he would have ever gone to see it just because he wanted to.

DSCN0332 copy DSCN0333 copy

We figured while we were downtown we might as well go see history as it’s happening. We walked over to the walking bridge thingy that runs next to Riverside to see the Mississippi flooding. It was just astounding seeing it then, even though – hello – I live here, but the fact that it’s even higher now after just a few rain-free days blows my mind.

I’m far enough from rivers (which is not that far lol) that the main thing I see near my house is flooded crops, but even so this picture was about a 10 minute drive from my house. (It’s supposed to be a cotton field)
DSCN0342 copy

Told you I was getting a lot of rain.

We did Mother’s Day at my mom’s. We cooked out, had lots of dessert (seriously, my mom made strawberry shortcake AND banana pudding just for our family, her and my step-dad, and my two younger siblings), and just hung out. I got some pictures of the three kiddos together while we were there.

DSCN0355 copy DSCN0360 copy
DSCN0349 copy

And lastly… Monday.

Photo05090930 copyMy poor boy had to go and get his last shot before his kindergarten registration could be completed.

I think it’s so silly that I have to go and register him at a school he already goes to, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m not worried about him getting in since they do the kindergarten test every 9 weeks as their 9 week testing. (To see how much they’ve learned each quarter) And technically Ryan has had passing grades on it since the first test. Last time he took it he only missed one thing, recognizing the lower-case letter m.

He was sooo big during his shot. He didn’t even whimper, though he did give the nurse a glare that should have evaporated her to dust when she stuck him with the needle. She made up for it by giving him a band-aid covered in piranhas and a new red toothbrush. He is very happy to know that he isn’t due anymore shots for the next 6 – 7 years.


Shawna said...

Your three kids look SOOOO cute in those pictures!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I want to go see Spamalot but it never comes closer than 90 minutes away. Those flood shots are scary looking

Dina said...

How did you like Spamalot?? I saw it a few years ago for my birthday. I actually saw it twice cuz I loved it so much... lol