Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today we…

Drew with chalk.
DSCN0483 copy

Threw a fit.
DSCN0487 copy

Went to the park.
DSCN0502 copy

Played in the tunnels.
DSCN0514 copy

Learned to climb up to the slide alone.
DSCN0497 copy

Got stuck on the slide because we went to high up.
DSCN0528 copy

Played with a bubble wand.
DSCN0574 copy

And chased said bubbles.
DSCN0584 copy

Jumped off things we shouldn’t.
DSCN0603 copy

Drew with some more chalk.
DSCN0572 copy

Raced in the backyard.
DSCN0623 copy

Swung too high on the swings while standing on the swing.
DSCN0559 copy

And we did other important non-fun stuff too.

OK… I lied. We didn’t.
But I did cook dinner.

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