Monday, May 23, 2011

Being grounded sucks

There’s one thing I’ve learned as a stay-at-home mom, when your child is grounded, so are you. This means groundings at my house are the very last resort. And I do mean very last.

It’s so boring.

We can’t go anywhere, or do anything fun. I have to be mean and keep up with the stipulations of the grounding. I don’t want to make Ryan stay in his room. I don’t want to tell him we can’t watch movies together, or play games. I don’t want to be stuck in the house with him while Belly and Zach go out and play.

But I have to.

See, here’s why Ryan has to be grounded. In the last two weeks at school Ryan moved his clip NINE times. Yes, nine. One day he was really ambitious and moved it three times. Remembering to follow certain school rules has been pretty hit and miss for him. Things such as staying in his seat, not talking in the halls, not playing in the bathroom, those are things he’s struggled with all year. Apparently he has decided now that he’s just not even going to try. Thus, the grounding.

What does his grounding entail? Well, let’s see he’s been grounded from TV for the past two weeks. Grounded from playing outside most of last week. Grounded from the Game Boy for a week. Having to clean their room by himself. Has to help do laundry (as in wash, fold, and put away clothes with me). And finally, being grounded to his room, with only 2 toys, coloring supplies, and books, since last Wednesday.

Being grounded sucks.

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joelsgirl said...

I spent most of middle school grounded. I don't think it ever made me change my behavior, but you gotta do something, right? I hope he learns his lesson quickly so you can start having fun again.