Thursday, May 26, 2011

If I don’t get sleep soon…

If I don’t get sleep soon I may do something crazy like set my house on fire.

You do not consider being up on and off all night as part of life with a 2 year old. At two the boys let me sleep all night. Belly… yeah not so much. We’re up and down with her at night trying to get her to sleep, because she’s constantly waking up, the past few nights we’ve broken down and put her in bed with us. That doesn’t actually help any, it just keeps both John and I from getting any sort of real sleep.

And now… now, she is not napping, and she is in a foul, foul mood.

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ashly said...

Oh girl, I am sorry to hear this. We're going thru the same with our almost-two year old. She was a beautiful 8-10:30pm go-to-sleeper...and then she got sick and now she's up til 3AM. It's so frustrating!