Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This picture just ain’t great.

So it’s at moment’s like earlier this evening while I was trying to take pictures of my darling Miss Pudding looking out our backdoors at the raging storm that I wished I could find my freaking battery charger to my camera. I’m not quite at the desperate point of just buying a new one yet. And honestly, since we got a smaller family friendly point and shoot camera now too, I’m nowhere near as freaked as I would have been. But as much as I’ve been enjoying this newer smaller one, it just didn’t do me true tonight. I’m not a snobby camera snob. I use a point and shoot camera…. a very nice fancy one albeit… but still, it’s just a regular old point and shoot. I’m no snobby photographer, or hell, even a plain old regular one, just a mom who takes a gazillion pictures of her kids daily and likes to have the nicest pictures I can get.

I took this picture with my camera 2 years ago:

And I took this one tonight with the family camera:

Seeing as how I’m not a professional photographer I feel no guilt or shame in saying thank God I know my way around Photoshop so I can edit it to this:
DSCN1121 copy

(and before anyone asks… yes I’m a sucker for high contrast photos. lol)

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