Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunburns and Waterslides

Belly doesn’t like water.
Belly doesn’t like playing in pools, or sprinklers.

Belly does like rain.
Belly’s mom is ok with turning on the sprinkler, squishing Belly in bathing suit, then taking Belly outside to “play in the rain.”
(Belly’s mom is OK with the occasional lie to her child)

Belly loves to slide. Belly now loves to slide in the “rain.”
DSCN8986 copy

Belly loves to swing. Belly now loves to swing in the “rain” also.
DSCN8996 copy

Belly loves to drive her car… well, yeah I think you can get it on your own now. lol
DSCN9035 copy

Belly has also decided she loves her Mommy in the rain as well.
DSCN9020 copy
(Yup… Mommy is in a bathing suit too. Necessary when playing with a 2 year old in the “rain.”)

Mostly, Belly just loved and going and playing in the “rain” today. She was begging me all of the rest of today to put her swimsuit on and go back out. I told her we will tomorrow.

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