Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What’s up with the boys.

Last Wednesday was the boys’ last day of school before “90 Days of Summer Vacation.” No, they don’t really get 90 days. lol This is something Zach has gotten stuck in his head over the past couple of years, that he has now also convinced Ryan of. I think really it’s only like 70. Maybe.

It’s tradition here that when not at school, the boys are at my mom’s. I would like them home more often. Not saying I don’t enjoy just having Belly all day, but well, she’s two, as much as I love her, the boys offer more fun and excitement. (Though her daredevil attempt to get over the gate in front of her door today did off a brief unwelcome bit of excitement… ) This year John and I set down the two nights rule with the 90 Days of Summer Vacation. Each boy has to come home for two nights in a row once a week. They don’t have to spend both of those nights here together, but at least one of those nights both do have to be home. I think I’ll like this plan. Plus, no matter how much my mom enjoys having the boys there, I think her and my step-dad will enjoy a few nights without them.

Since school got out Wednesday, report cards came home. Zach did really good. He got all A’s and a C in Spelling. He was pretty down since you don’t get a ribbon for all A’s and a C. The C was only two points shy of a B, but since he’s always been on one of the two honor rolls he was upset. And of course he was promoted to second grade. Ryan is still only on a + (Master) and – (Developing) grade scale, and he did, well, OK. lol He got – on all of the conduct listings… His report card didn’t say if he was promoted to Kindergarten or not. I know he already passed the Kindergarten test, but I know if you do the K4 program they also base it on if you are “emotionally mature enough.” I pulled out Zach’s old K4 report card, and sure enough it said that he was promoted. For like 3 days I was in a panic-y flurry worrying he wasn’t getting promoted before John told me just to email his teacher. lol She emailed me back within the hour and told me that he did indeed get promoted.

So, I just felt I should update on why I might not be posting to much about the boys for a while. It’s not because I play favorites with Belly… it’s because they aren’t home.

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Auntie T said...

I spent a lot of the summer at my grandma's house as a kid too. Happy Memories. It sounds like a good idea to have them come home 2 nights a week.