Monday, June 6, 2011

A Murphy kind of day.

I know everyone has these day. You know the ones where absolutely all that can go wrong will go wrong. (You know Murphy’s Law) Like I said, we all have these days, but I swear no one has them worse than parents.

You know why these days are so much worse for parents? Because not only is everything going to go wrong for us, undoubtedly it’ll all go wrong for our kids too. (can we say headache?)

Let me tell you about the day I’ve had so far, and it’s not even over yet.

Woke up – Huge headache. Stupid allergy headaches always get me this time of year. Normally it’s only 30ish minutes of pain and irritability, then medicines kick in and I become semi-human again. Today… I wake up and find out I’m out of allergy medicine and headache medicine. I try to counteract it with coffee and quiet. Then Zach wakes up. Zach also has a raging allergy headache and is determined to make Belly and I suffer through it with him. You might ask, “Trish, why not just go to the store and get more medicine?” I’d have to tell you it’s because John has yet to go and get me new tags for the van. I was tempted to walk to the gas station up the street from me to get some, but alas, it was just too darn hot already.

Before Lunch – All morning up till lunch time I had to deal with Zach and Belly. Normally, it’s not too bad a combination, even with a headache. Zach with a headache hugely changed my opinion on that. Belly wanted to play with and be with her brother, her brother wanted nothing to do with her, Belly tried using brute force to get her way, Zach acted like a baby. This went on all blessed morning. I thought I’d get a reprieve. My mom was supposed to be getting Zach and taking him and Ryan to the library. She kept waiting for my sister to get up (she wanted to go also), but by the time she got up it was too hot to go in my mom’s air-conditionerless car. Thus, more fits from Zach.

Lunch – Zach did not want what we had for lunch, thus Belly didn’t want her lunch either. Lots of fits again.

Naptime – Zach spent the whole time coming in and out of the back of the house, even though he was supposed to be laying down with a movie and a cold compress on his forehead. Since he kept opening and closing the hall door Belly stayed up, which completed shot down my idea of attempting to get in a nap.

Now I have two tired and grumpy kids. John calling me from work in a bad mood. And to top it all off Belly apparently had a large poop during her naptime and attempted to clean it up herself… with all the clean shirts in her dresser. To think, I still get to do cleaning, and laundry (thanks Belly), and folding clothes. Oh yeah, and about 3 more hours with fussy kids.

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