Friday, June 10, 2011

Potty Training via Facebook

Today’s potty training attempt status updates.


9:00 am:
Wish us luck, we're trying underwear this morning.

10:01 am:
Doing morning housework goes very slowly when you're stopping every 10-15 minutes to make a 2 year old spend about 5 minutes on the potty.

10:30 am:
Bella emptied one of her buckets she holds her kitchen stuff in and peed in it... while still wearing her underwear.

10:42 am:
OK obviously she didn't get it all out in the bucket. She just ran to her kitchen looked around, then started crying and yelling potty. She already had a big puddle on the floor. After that she said she wanted a diaper.

So she made it almost two hours in the undies, our goal was 2.5 – 3 hours. (or until lunch basically) She was doing pretty good, though going only just a very teeny tiny bit (if at all) each time I put her on the potty. We decided to try because lately she comes to us telling us “Tee tee, tee tee!” but she’s always wet when we get her to the bathroom. Warm diaper wet so that means she just went. Thus we decided to try underwear. She was so heartbroken when she had her accident that I let her just have a diaper again. But hey, at least we tried.

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