Monday, August 31, 2009

"I Sor-ry Momma!"

No he's not but we'll get to this in a second.
I am so so so sick of Ryan saying that. I want to know who taught Ryan that if he says he's sorry all will go back to being right in the world. Because honestly, with that boy, that's not true. Ryan thinks saying sorry is his get out of jail free card.
This is a list of everything Ryan thinks sorry makes all better:
- punching Zach in the eye
- throwing toys across the room when anrgy
- climbing on the back of the couch
- pushing everything off the coffee table so he can play on it
- taking things from others
and so on and so on. None of these things are truly bad (well except maybe the punching) but its the fact that he does them over and over, even after he says sorry. He looks at you with this face like "Oh please dont' hit me!" and waves his hand back and forth and goes "I sor-ry mommy! I won't do it again!" but then he does it again 5 minutes later!
So see he isn't really sorry.