Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture of the Day: "This is my yucky face"

I've been adding rice cereal to Bella's bottle for about a week now and she loves it. So I decided I would slowly start to see how she does eating solids. I figured she loves her cereal bottles so much, what better to start her with than a small amount of rice cereal.
Well... she hated it. The first two bites were kinda like, hmm, what is this? Then it was, well, I don't think I like this much. It was all down hill from there. She would push the spoon out with her tongue, and the cereal too. She screamed at me each time I got the spoon into her mouth. She just flat out hated it with a vengeance. It was not a fun experiment at all.
But we tried baby applesauce today and she ate almost the whole jar and seemed to think it was the next best thing to the boob.

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