Friday, July 31, 2009

Bald's in, right?

I know I shedded real bad after I had the boys, but that was nothing compared to how much hair I've lost since I had Bella. Its gotten to wear I might shower ever day, but I'm only wasing my hair twice a week. Each time I wash it then brush I seem to lose handfulls of hair. I found a knot in my hair before bed last night, so I went to the bathroom to see how big it was. With the slightest pressure I used to pull it from the back of my hair to the front the whole entire knot fell out. I just sat down and cried.
I've never really cared about my hair. My idea of making my hair decent is pulling it up, not necessarily brushed either. But this is ridiclous! I feel like each morning I'm going to wake up and be bald, I've even started having nightmares about it.

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