Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its an age-old argument.

Okay, maybe not age-old, but a pretty common one in my house between John and I. There's not much we agree on entertainment wise. He likes one kind of music, I like another. He likes to watch sports and reality shows on tv, I prefer the news and biographies. He thinks a good date is a movie and going to the same restaurant every time, I like to try new things. But even with all those differences we still manage to find some common ground in those categories.
There's only one thing we have trouble ever agreeing on, watching movies at home. I'll go to the movies and see any movie he wants, generally I want to see them anyway, so I don't mind. For the movies he doesn't want to see, I go with a friend or my sister to see. Its an arrangement that works well for us. However, watching one at home always leads to an argument. About 90% of the time he wants to watch a horror or suspense movie. I do not like to watch those kinds of movies after I have seen them once. I mean where's the fun in it? You know what's going to happen so they are no longer suspenseful or scary. A good comedy or romance you can watch over and over and over again, because the story line is good and it can still make you smile, sigh, laugh, or think over. But does John see it that way? Nooooo. He says those movies always have the scare and suspense factor. I just don't give them a chance. Pfft. I do, not always voluntarily mind you, but I do. About 50% of the time I'll let him pick one of those kind, but it has to be one I haven't seen in a while.
So John and I have sort of worked out another agreement. We have a small, but growing, collection of movies that we picked out for movie night. True, its about 75% action movies, a genre neither of us are too fond of, but we have found a few comedies we agree on too. But still it never fails, we always agrue on movie night.
(But the cuddling on the couch after the kids are in bed makes it worth it.)

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