Monday, July 13, 2009

Let me just bang my head on my desk.

I love Bella.

Now that the obvious is stated... ARGH!!! Why God, why me? I. Hate. Teething. I'm about 97% positive that's what is greatly disturbing the force in Miss Bella's world, and the sad thing is it never occurred to me it could be that until someone else pointed it out. She's been drooling like an ocean is leaking out of her tiny body. I mean some days we go through 2-3 outfits and 2 bedsheets because she soaks them in drool. And she's chewing on stuff like there's no tomorrow. But other than those two signs she wasn't showing any other signs. She wasn't cranky and didn't have an upset tummy. Until...
It started this weekend. Her stomache so far still seems fine, but she won't stop crying. As a matter of fact she is screaming at me from her room at the moment, which is what she's been doing for about 30 minutes now. Before that she screamed at me for an hour from across the living room, and yet before that she screamed at me for almost another hour in between bouts of nursing. I'm waiting for the motrin to kick in. Her poor gums are all swollen, but I don't feel any teeth bumps, they (her gums) have just gotten bigger in the front.
Neither of the boys started teething until they were 5-6 months. I was a slow teether too. But my little sister had all of her teeth by one year and started getting them this early, so its not too odd to me. But oh my God! I hate hate hate hate hate teething! (Picking up on the fact that I hate it?)

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