Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yeah, we do know we didn't wash our hands.

Okay, this will sound so gross, but Zach and I do not wash our hands when we go to the bathroom anywhere but at home and my moms. Yes, I know that sounds nasty, but there's a good reason for it. Zach and I have an extreme allergy to about 90% of soaps (and lotions and all other skin care products too). Zach's is so bad and when he started school last year I didn't even think to mention it to his teacher. Not even a week into school and his hands started turning red, developing sores, and the skin was peeling and cracking enough to where his hands were bleeding. A week after we got him to stop washing his hands at school they were almost completely healed. We never used soaps in public bathrooms because it causes me to break out in hives so he had never been exposed to any soap issues. I've never used or bought the boys any soaps that I know I am allergic to. So, what we do is rinse our hands with water, dry them, then use hand sanitizer. (Which we carry everywhere.)
I'm bringing this up because while John and I were in Disney World I encountered more evil and disgusted stares than I ever had because of this. Some people just whispered to each other, and others would inform that I forgot in tones varying from nice to flat out rude. One lady even went as far as to call me a liar, and then to tell the child with her that people can't really be allergic to soap and not to use the stall I left. WTF?! Even when I used the hand sanitizer in front of people they still brought it up. And I know Zach goes through the same thing at school, so in a way we're dreading the start of a new year and teacher and class. His teachers last year were so nice about it and explained it to the other students very well. But other kids not in his class always picked on him about it.
So, yeah, we don't wash our hands, we don't need other people pointing it out to us.

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Sava Scraps - Christina said...

You aren't the only one - my mother is allergic to some soaps (bath, laundry detergent, etc) too. Her's isn't as bad as yours, but I fully believe there is such thing as an allergy to soaps. :D I guess those same people would give me a weird look when I told them my son is allergic to tomatoes, watermelon, and strawberries.
You keep not washing your hands, girl!