Thursday, July 9, 2009

My most wild thing of all

Ryan is, and has always been, just so much different than Bella and Zach. Shoot he's even a lot different than me and John.
Firstly, Ryan is a morning person. Not too odd I know, but no one else is our house is. And Ryan has always been a morning person. Since he was a newborn he woke up ready to go at 5-5:30 am. No snuggling and getting him to drift back to sleep, he's up ready to eat and start the day. His first sentence was "Hungry Momma! Eat!" followed by "Up Momma up!" (As in get up out of bed.) John, Bella, Zach and I are more than happy to sleep until 9, 10, or even 11, not that any of us ever get to with Ryan in the house.
Next, his never ending appetite. Now, I know just where he got that from (me) but Zach eats just enough to keep him from starving until the next meal. Ryan eats so much we actually had to make a rule and get all his grandparents to enforce it. Ryan is not allowed to eat all day, because if you let him, he would. He would go to my Dad's for the weekend and my step-mom would allow him to just eat and eat and eat. She said why shouldn't she feed him if he's hungry? I said its not that he's hungry, he's like me; if he sees food, he wants to eat; if he's bored, he wants to eat; if you talk about food, he thinks you should be eating food. And so on.
Also, Ryan is, um, active. I don't want to say hyper, because as someone who grew up with ADHD and managed fine without medicine, I don't want him feeling he has that label and using it as a crutch. (Which my brothers did.) But he can even wear out my two brothers who are extremely hyper. Shoot, he can wear you out just watching him in all his super-active glory. He goes goes goes non-stop and never slows down. Its kinda funny because there is no lag period when he's waking or when he's tired. Its super-active, sleep, super-active, sleep, super-active. Zach would be couch potato if we let him, and Bella consider any floor time to be an excellent time to fall asleep.
And, Ryan is mischievous. If there's something he's not supposed to do, I can guarantee you, he'll do it just to see for himself why he shouldn't. You tell him don't touch that, its hot. He'll touch it just to see how hot. You say don't climb that it'll fall over. He'll climb it to see how high up he can get before it falls. (And my favorite) Don't eat that, its not food. He just needs to see how it tastes. And added to that he is immensly silly too.
Lastly, very good thing considering the mischeiviousness, Ryan has a very very high tolerance of pain. I'll just give you two examples so you get the idea. 1. Last summer Ryan leaned against my parents grill and burned his arm. And I mean it was bad. But did he scream or cry? No. He went right on playing. When he came in that night and we were getting him ready for bed he never mentioned it. His arm was just really red in the spot like it was a sun burn. It didn't bother him so we left it alone. The next morning John comes running to our room to wake me up to say Ryan's arm is oozing. The red area had cracked and split during the night and his arm was oozing blood and clear stuff, I took him to the doctor, he had a 2nd degree burn on his arm and never cried or complained about it hurting. 2. A month ago Ryan was playing with my brother and Zach upstairs at my mom's. He fell and hit his head on the corner of my brother's dresser and ended up with a huge gash in his forehead. He had blood running down his face and neck and wasn't even crying or freaking out. Since he kept dozing off afterwards, but I would wake him immediatly I'm guessing he also got a slight concussion. But he never complained.
So yes, for all of these reasons Ryan is my most wild thing of all. (Which he would gladly tell you himself)

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