Monday, July 13, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Co-Sleeping"

When I got pregnant with Zach my mom first brought up the topic of co-sleeping. She explained to me what it was, told me of the pros and cons of it, and suggested that it was something I might want to do. My response was an emphatic NO. For starters I was a heavy sleeper and I move around a lot. Plus I liked having my bed to myself. She said she was just suggesting it since I was in school it might help me get more sleep once he comes.
Well, to make a long story short I did end up co-sleeping with Zach, and I loved it. It gave us time to be together, just the two of us. It gave us cuddling time, and made night time and early morning feedings so much easier. I loved it so much I did co-sleeping with him until Ryan was born and then I did it with Ryan too. Ryan was ok with it, but he preferred sleeping in his crib. Plus John and I got married when he was 3 months old and John didn't want him in our bed with us.
Now we have Bella and I didn't give John the option on if he wanted to co-sleep or not. And guess what he loves it too. True, Bella now lays down in her crib at bedtime and sleeps there until she wakes for her first feeding at 5:30-6ish which is when John wakes up for work. But he can't help himself, he always lays back down with us for a little while. And on the weekends its John who goes back to sleep and cuddles her in the morning after feedings.

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