Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its so on like Donkey Kong.

Okay, lets take a moment for a purely silly type post.
I like the Twilight books, not too crazy about the movie, but, eh, that's what you get when you make a movie with so many fantasy elements with a low budget. I'm not one of those weird "Oh my God TWILIGHT!!!" Type of people, honestly, I'm an adult, I don't get that excited about a book about teenagers, even if they are vampires. Cause, you know, there are really good books out there that are about vampires who are grown ups and they also have an element of love story.
::cough cough::
On the eve of this very important night I must say, nay, I challenge all who disagree with...
Harry Potter kicks Edward Cullen's and the rest of Twilight's butt!
Yes, Harry Potter is still a teenager (well, in the books), but I was in 7th grade when the first of those books came out and I grew up reading them so neh. And come on, he's just way cooler anyway.
Okay, done with the silly post.

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