Friday, August 14, 2009

Curses, Caffeine, Crying, and Pee

Yeah I know, pee doesn't start with "c" but I couldn't find another word for it. So let's go through and explain all these four words which sum up my current existence.
Curses - its that time of the month again. This is my second real period since having Bella. If I hadn't been keeping track I wouldn't have been expecting it. No usual premenstrual symptoms at all. Then BAM I get this huge almost contraction feeling pain after laying Ryan down, I go to the bathroom and guess who's arrived. That evil nasty aunt that nobody likes. Now I'm in a crappy mood and having the cramps from heck.
Caffeine - or better yet, the lack thereof of caffeine. My coffee pot has died. And it had to die at the most inopportune time 10 o'clock at night tonight so that everywhere that sales coffee pots are closed so I get no coffee tomorrow morning unless I go to McDonald's (yuck) or my mom's. Neither of which are appealing to me seeing as how I hate McDonald's coffee and I'm not a morning person, which means when I see my mom in the morning (who is a morning person) we end up fighting.
Crying - yup, Bella's still teething and now has the sore bottom to go along with it. Joy of joys. When she's awake she alternates her time between pooping, crying, and gumming everything to death. (Though on a side note, we're starting to get real chuckles out of her.)
Pee - Ryan has started having several accidents a week at night lately. The boy has gone accident free at night time for a good long while up until about 2 months ago. Then he would have about one a week, this week he has had one almost every night. And not even in his bed. He pees on the hallway floor right in front of the bathroom! (and the light's on and the door is open) All we can think is that it must be a delayed reaction to Bella, but he wasn't like this when I had her, so I don't know why she would cause it now.

So yes, that is the joy and fun that is going on in my life right now. Don't you wish you were me?

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