Thursday, August 20, 2009

We've made a big decision.

After my OBGYN called a few days ago wanting to know for the 4th time if we could re-schedule getting my tubes tied John and I have decided to not get it done. We had come to the decision to get it done when we found out that Bella would be a girl because we had finally gotten the little girl John wanted, and we were both more than happy with only 3 children. We're not necessarily wanting more anytime soon, but we might one day be able to afford trying for another baby in a few years, and should we be able to we'd like to not have that decision taken away. We did natural family planning after I got off the shot after having Ryan and it worked for almost 2 years. This time we are using the Fertility Awareness Method (just learned that phrase lol). I've reset up a fertility chart, but am planning to learn more about keeping up with one. Last time I just entered when I had a period, but I want to use it like you would if you're really trying for a baby, having it as detailed as possible, that way on the days that it says "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" I'm going to stay as far from John as possible.

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