Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I had a dream…

Well, maybe more of a weird nightmare/dream. lol

I dreamed last night that we had moved into an apartment, which is weird enough since there’s no way we would ever move all 5 of us into an apartment. Belly and I were out walking around, it was fall, and we were enjoying the weather and seeing our new environment. Did I mention we had also moved up north? The northern accents that surrounded me were my hint about that. lol
We ran into a couple of other moms who had little girls around Belly’s age, and we stopped to talk to get to know our new neighbors. Being close to and making friends with my neighbors is something I’ve always wanted desperately. I grew up in neighborhoods where neighbors were always close. You hung out with them, were friends with them. And it wasn’t just the kids who were friends, the adults were too. So, this is something I’ve missed the most since we got our house. Anyway, as I was introducing Belly and myself one of the ladies was like “Oh my God, you named your daughter Isabella? Why would you give her such a shallow materialistic name?? Children’s names should have meaning, not be based off of shallow girls in silly books.” I’m standing there trying to defend my daughter’s name. Explaining over and over that she is not named after the girl from Twilight, but they just aren’t believing me, they’re standing there smirking, and saying they just don’t want their children playing with Belly. I’m getting frustrated and explaining over and over again that we didn’t get her name from there, and the more frustrated I get the more southern I sound. Then the ladies start in on that, saying how I sound like an uneducated southern hick. They’re saying how I should take my shallow-redneck self and just move back down south.
I woke up then.

Can you tell I might have a slight complex about my daughter’s name, and the idea of moving up north? lol

On a happier note, the boys came back home yesterday, and even though they’re already fighting and being fussy I am glad they’re finally home.


Jennifer said...

awww...what a bad dream! i think isabella is a beautiful name. ;)

Jessica said...

I love her name and think there is nothing wrong with sounding like a southerner. Living in Florida we dont have much of a southern accent at least to other southerners but when I talk to someone from up north they say I have an accent too.