Friday, June 3, 2011

Interviews and Flashbacks

First off, I’d like to share and interview I did with Mr. Zach today. In case you didn’t notice by the ticker on the side, he has a birthday coming up. (on the 15th of this month – less than 2 weeks away) Last weeks Flashback Friday was on Zach’s 3rd birthday at Disney World, this week’s will be on him too. (scroll down to see it) As a matter of fact, next week’s Friday post will also be about him. lol
Now, I should offer fair warning, Zach refused to get dressed for the interview, so he’s in his boxers. Thankfully, except for the one time he raises himself he just looks like he’s shirtless.

(Oh, he came home last night and Belly went to go do sleepover at my mom’s.)
5331274500_b1563c87f3_z DSCN7779 copy
As the picture says this was taken in May of 2004 (I’m almost 99% positive it was taken then) and I’m about 8 months pregnant with Zach. I felt like I was huge and fat, but after 2 additional times of getting that big and pregnant I know now that I was tiny while pregnant with Zach. Anyway, in that particular picture I’m sitting in John’s old truck in the zoo parking lot. We were waiting for Momma and my siblings who we were meeting at the zoo. I had a favorite pair of maternity overalls that I wore a lot during the end of my pregnancy, but since I was so small when I got them by the time I was 8 months pregnant (tummy grew a ton in like 2 weeks) even the largest tummy setting on them felt tight when sitting, and I often took to undoing them and sitting with my tummy exposed when I wore them. John took this picture and it’s my favorite out of all pregnant pictures I have of me from any of my pregnancies.
If you want to join in the Flashback Friday head over to the blog Christopher & Tia: The Documentary of Us and join in!


Kiliki said...

that video is awesome!! all the kids here watched it with me lol helena really liked it!

Mrs. Mommy said...

I found your blog through Christopher & Tia and am following now. I love the video interview with your son!

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, that really is the cutest pregnancy picture!